Tips for Choosing a Suitable Obstetrician

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Memilih Dokter Kandungan yang Sesuai

If Mommy notices the marriage life, the most desirable moment is the pregnancy period. All married couples surely want to have a baby in order to improve the harmony and the quality in the marriage life. 

After Mommy is pregnant, things that should not be ignored is regarding how to choose the right and qualified obstetrician. But what is exactly the function of the obstetrician? 

In accordance with the profession, obstetricians have the duty to carry out checks and monitor the development of the fetus and the mother's health. The thing that must be properly addressed is the importance of choosing a qualified obstetrician out there because every obstetrician has different qualities.

Assessment and Survey

There are several main criteria that must be completed by an obstetrician before Mommy makes a decision. The first thing is to conduct a personal assessment and also surveys in advance about the alternatives of obstetricians in some health institutions located near Mommy’s house. 

The things that must be taken into account are the facilities, reputation, and also the level of service. The better the reputation, services, and facilities of an obstetrician, of course, the better benefits that Mommy gets. If necessary, ask in advance about the alternatives of obstetricians from friends or family. This will have a significant effect on Mommy’s satisfaction in hiring the services of the obstetrician. 

The second thing to consider in choosing an obstetrician is to choose according to Mommy’s needs, mainly on aspects of health history that Mommy has. This means that when mommy has a TORCH history, Mommy should find an obstetrician who has experience in handling that. Mommy can also perform inspections regarding types of pregnancy consultation that Mommy would like to have. 

Most importantly, Mommy must know how to find information about what services given by the obstetrician. Although it might take time, but it won’t make Mommy regret of making the wrong choice of obstetrician. 

Considering the Route

Another important thing is regarding the route or the distance from their services. One thing for sure is to choose the obstetrician who lives nearby. 

The closer the distance the better because it will be easier for Mommy if wants to have pregnancy consultation. Choosing an obstetrician also needs to consider the route which in line with Mommy’s daily activities. 

Then, choose the appropriate time that matches Mommy’s schedule. Don’t let Mommy’s working schedule inhibit the schedule for pregnancy check to the obstetrician.