5 Foods to Increase Breast Milk for Breastfeeding Mothers

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

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It is important to complete the nutrition for breastfeeding mothers earlier, so that the milk supply can be maintained. Basically, there are some foods that can create an abundant milk supply.  These foods must contain vital substances required for breastfeeding mothers.

The first is the emphasis on eating beans and vegetables. This food group is proven to increase the milk supply. As the result, the nutritional needs for the baby will always be fulfilled without having to rely on the formula with nutrition that cannot be compared to nutrition in breast milk. 

Another food that Mommy can consume is food from Java, such as pelas or bongko. This food is made from tolo (a kind of nut) and coconut. For pregnant women, this food has a major positive effect. Many people believe this food can make reduce the possibility of having birth defects. 

Vegetables and beans are also able to meet the nutrition for breastfeeding mothers completely. Eating unripe papaya can also increase the breast milk supply. Many experts believe that papaya is excellent for breast milk reproduction in female body. Besides, papaya contains vitamins which are very useful for breastfeeding mothers. 

Another food that also has the same efficacy is squash. This vegetable is found in sayur asem. By consuming the vegetable that is food for breast milk reproduction, Mommy does not need to worry about the breast milk productivity. 

Drinking water in large quantities every day can make breastfeeding Mommy to be productive. Mommy can also increase the milk supply by drinking cow’s milk or soy milk twice a day. In addition, Mommy can also consume PRENAGEN Lactamom which contains a lot of nutrition which are beneficial for breastfeeding mothers. 

Now Mommy has already identified types of food that may increase the breast milk supply, hasn’t she? Get familiar to eat those foods in balance every day because the breast milk is the best nutrition for babies rather than baby formula.