Recognize the reasons why babies don't want to breastfeed

Written by: Redaksi

Kenali Sebab Bayi Tidak Mau Menyusui

Breast milk is the main intake for the baby to grow, but sometimes there is a baby who does not want to consume that. What causes these breastfeeding problems and how to solve them? Let's discuss together.

The first cause is that the baby does not want to consume breast milk is because the baby's condition is unwell. This situation makes the baby cannot drink enough milk. Finally, the baby is easily getting tired and cranky. One of the unhealthy conditions that most frequently occur is because the baby has a cold. Stuffy nose makes the baby cannot breathe, especially when his mouth is clogged by mommy’s nipple. So, the baby feels uncomfortable to drink milk. One way to overcome this is to warm the baby's body so that the cold can get out and does not hinder the baby to breathe.

Mouth sores can also be the cause for the baby not consuming the breast milk. Sores make babies feel pain every time he wants to suck the nipple. To solve this problem, Mommy needs to go to the doctor to get the proper treatment.

Different aroma or unpleasant scent also can be the cause of the baby does not want to consume breast milk. This happens when mommy wear perfume. Preferably before mommy is breastfeeding, mommy can clean themselves first, so the baby can be more comfortable during breastfeeding.

Pacifiers may also be the cause. Do not give the pacifiers too early. Babies will be confused to distinguish it with mommy’s nipples. It also affects the way baby suck. Babies cannot drink properly and breast milk consumed will also be less.

Improper feeding position also makes baby has trouble in getting enough breast milk. This can make the baby cannot find the nipple or the condition in which the baby's nose covered by the breast. Consult to lactation counselor for proper breastfeeding tips or learn from books and the internet about the most appropriate position for breastfeeding.

On the contrary, heavy flow of milk can also be a problem too. Baby will choke and if it occurs often, the problems above will arise. The solution for this matter is pumping first, then the volume of milk will be reduced and the baby can suck the nipple comfortably.

Therefore, breastfeeding needs preparation. Do not breastfeed while doing other activities that mommy and baby feel comfortable. Do not also make a special breastfeeding hour. Give breastfeeding when the baby needs it.