The Right Breastfeeding Position for Maximum Baby Nutrition

Written by: Redaksi

Posisi Menyusui Tepat untuk Nutrisi Maksimal Bayi

Breastfeeding is a mandatory activity that Mommy does to provide breast milk needed by the baby. However, in practice there are many obstacles commonly faced by Mommy, when using the wrong position during breastfeeding, such as nipple blisters. 

Comfortable Position

To avoid so many problems, there are some breastfeeding tips that can be used so that the position of Mommy and the baby are comfortable. Normally there are many kinds of breastfeeding positions that Mommy can do. 

The first is a lying position. Mommy is lying on the side and the baby is placed at the front of Mommy, with the head exactly at Mommy’s blisters. The baby will latch at the nipple more easily and Mommy will be more relaxed in breastfeeding the baby. 

The next position is cradle position. The baby is placed on Mommy’s arm with the position of baby's head in the elbow. Mommy is in a sitting position. This method supports Mommy to adjust the most comfortable position for the baby while drinking the milk.

The cross-arm position is also a correct position for breastfeeding the baby. Mommy crosses her arms to hold the baby and put him in front of the breast so the baby can start to consume the breast milk. This method is suitable for small baby or when the baby is sick.

The next position is the under the arm position. The baby is placed on Mommy’s arm with his head on Mommy’s palm and the feet under Mommy’s armpit. This method can help Mommy who has twins, so both of them may get the breast milk simultaneously.

Supporting the Breastfeeding Process

By following the breastfeeding tips mentioned above, there are many benefits that Mommy can get. First, mommy will feel more comfortable, which means saving Mommy’s energy. It will also facilitate the production of breast milk.

The second is the right position will make the baby get the breast milk in the maximum amount. The baby can have the breast milk comfortably and without interruption such as the nose is covered by Mommy’s part of body that prevents him from breathing. 

The right position is also good for Mommy. There are many cases where Mommy’s nipples are sore and injured as a result of being bitten by babies who have difficulties when looking for a nipple. Thus, with the proper breastfeeding position, Mommy can avoid this problem.

In addition, the proper position also facilitates Mommy for breastfeeding. The Baby has instincts to find nipples when being hungry. And with the proper position, the baby will easily find it.

Apart from the breastfeeding position, the room and condition when Mommy is providing the breast milk is also important. Therefore, the mindset will has a huge influence on the condition of the body. Therefore, by making the room or Baby nursing room as comfortable as possible, then the breast milk production will be high and the baby will be able to consume the breast milk as needed.