Avoid Fear for Childbirth Preparation

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Persiapan Persalinan: Mengatasi Rasa Takut

Great fear usually occurs when mommy is pregnant for the first time, especially during childbirth. Here are some of the fears that usually appear :

1. Fear of Pain

Indeed, pain is part of the delivery. But, mommy does not have to worry too much because the medical world today is more advanced. Definitely doctors have a way to relieve the pain. In addition, the pain will be mommy’s great experience later. All of this matter is for the sake of mommy dearest baby.

2. Fear to be Blamed

Many mommies experience these feelings. They are afraid to scream or defecate during childbirth.

But, mommy does not need to be worried. That is the normal reaction while delivering a baby. Doctors and nurses would still help.

3. Fear of Death

Fear of death during childbirth is very reasonable, but mommy does not have to worry too much because current sophistication of medical technology can minimize the possibility. Mommies can train themselves with frequent serenity prayer, meditation or do pregnancy exercises.

There is a research, called BJOG. This study discusses the matter of death during childbirth and managed to find the unique facts. When mommy is afraid, then the labor time will be longer. Labor time will be increased up to 2 hours and make mommy become more stressful. It is definitely not good for mommy and baby that is still in the womb.

To avoid the aforementioned fear is quite easy. Follow these tips:

  • Confidence. Mommy is the perfect creature of God's creation. So, mommy can definitely get through it well.
  • Share the feeling of fear by telling the husband. By doing so, couples can help mommy to calm down.
  • Read all sorts of information about labor. This will help mommy later. Mommy’s mind will be calmer and mommy knows what to expect. Consult the doctor who will explain about childbirth in details.

Just imagine what happens after childbirth. Mommy will get one of the most beautiful gift and mommy will feel more complete with the presence of the baby.

Hopefully these tips can help mommy deal with childbirth more easily.