Avoid Pregnancy Disorders, Falling stomach when Pregnant

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Hindari Gangguan Kehamilan, Jatuh Tengkurap saat Hamil

Can make a pregnant woman become frail condition . This is because mommy carries the fetus in the womb is still weak . Many disorders of pregnancy can harm the fetus and mommy . Fell on his stomach is one of them . If this happens , mommy should immediately consult a doctor .

Fell on his stomach is the most dangerous position . It is more danger than falling on his back because janinlah the first hit . Meanwhile, when supine , which first hit mommy . Falling stomach can also cause fetal placenta detached so no -supplied food . If it were so , the fetus can not grow well . Your doctor will ask for a pregnancy terminated by abortion. It is one of the types of pregnancy disorders that can not be underestimated .

Here is the first thing to do when mommy falls on his stomach :

1 After the fall , set the breath . Try to calm down , do not move much in advance .

2 Then , see if there is bleeding . Bleeding spots here like the release and mommy should immediately see a doctor .

3 Feel if there is water that flows from the vagina mommy . If so , there is the possibility of rupture of membranes mommy . If the waters continue to come out , mommy had to give birth prematurely because the fetus can not live without the amniotic fluid .

4 Monitor the movement of the fetus mommy . The fetus usually move at least once every hour . If until there is no movement , beware and mommy to be straight to the hospital . This is done to ensure the safety of the fetus through ultrasound .

5. Feel if there is contraction . Is the movement of the uterine muscle contraction . Contractions are usually marked the hardening and heartburn. If it were so , mommy to be vigilant . It may be that this is a symptom of labor . Surely preterm labor can be harmful to the fetus and mommy.

If mommy experience signs of pregnancy disorders above , should mommy do not panic . Apply first or consult . Therefore , mommy is expected to always be careful to undergo pregnancy.