Belly Dance, Rich in Benefits for Pregnant Women

Written by: Amicis

Belly Dance, Kaya Manfaat Bagi Ibu Hamil

There are some things you can do to have a healthy quality of life, one of which is sport. This physical activity will train our body to become healthier, fitter and stronger, so we will not be easily injured.

But, what about pregnant mommy? Actually, there are many types of exercise that can be done by pregnant mommy. One of which is Belly Dance or better known as belly dance originating from the Middle East region.

Why Belly Dance?

There are many benefits to be taken by pregnant Mommy by doing belly dance for pregnancy. The first is to reduce and burn calories. Indeed, pregnant Mommy is required to take more food, as can be said, when mommy is pregnant, mommy is feeding not only for herself, but nevertheless to the baby in the womb. 

Therefore, there are a lot of cases where pregnant Mommy has a very high blood pressure, because the calories eaten is 2 times more than usual. By doing this sport, most of the calories will be burned.

In addition, Belly Dance is using muscles around the stomach and hips; this dance means to train the muscles of that area. It is very important to strengthen the abdominal muscles that support the baby in the womb. The pain which is usually felt by Mommy when pregnant, especially on the back, is fading. Then, at the time of delivery, the exercises from belly dance will facilitate the release of the baby.

In addition to the effect on the physical condition of the pregnant Mommy, this dance can also make Mommy’s thought to feel more comfortable and relaxing. It is very necessary, because mommy’s state of mind also affect the condition of the body. When mommy can feel comfortable and relaxed, then the system will work in the body very well, which means that the baby will gain a good thing anyway.

Things to Consider

Belly dance is chosen because this dance is included as a part of low impact exercise, which should be done when mommy is pregnant. Although there are some sharp movements in this dance, pregnant Mommy can reduce the movement, and Mommy will get a lot of benefit from it.

In addition, mommy’s age of pregnancy also becomes one of the most important things to consider. To be able to start doing belly dance movements as pregnancy sports, pregnancy should be 5 months or more when the fetus is firmly attached to the uterine wall.

Then after pregnancy age increases and approaching childbirth, then this exercise intensity should also be reduced. But, it would be better, if before planning a pregnancy, mommy does this exercise so that mommy’s muscles are already strongly formed and ready to have the fetus.