Benefits of Juice for Pregnant Women

Written by: Redaksi

Manfaat Luar Biasa Jus Buah untuk Ibu Hamil

Mommy is frequently suggested to drink juice during the course of pregnancy as healthy foods for pregnant women which is very good. Why juice is strongly recommended? Because while pregnant, Mommy’s role is channeling nutrients needed by the fetus. Whatever Mommy is consuming, it will affect the growth of the fetus in the womb. With consuming routine juice during pregnancy, nutritional needs of the fetus become more assured.

Pomegranate juice for Pregnant Women

One highly recommended fruit juice to be consumed by mother during pregnancy is pomegranate juice. Why is it recommended? Because of the many benefits that can be obtained by mommy when regulary drink pomegranate juice, and here are some of the benefits:

  1. The content of folic acid in the fruit is good for fetal brain development and lowers the risk of fetal brain defect to the fetus that is being conceived.
  2. Increase mommy’s endurance during pregnancy. Vitamin C contained in the fruit is very beneficial to increase mommy’s endurance and fetal immunity. Moreover, it also can help the absorption of iron that is useful for the formation of fetal blood.
  3. The content of minerals, calcium, and phosphorus in this fruit will function as calcium phosphate salts that can give hard character of the bones and teeth of the fetus after birth later. Whereas, sodium and potassium function as acid-base balance in the cells so that pregnant women are not quickly dehydrated.
  4. The iron in pomegranate fruit is also beneficial for mommy, because during pregnancy, the need for iron is greatly increased for the formation of fetal blood. In addition, iron is also needed for mommy’s supplies during breastfeeding. Iron supply is also important to reserve much blood substitute that is lost at the time of delivery of the baby later.

In addition to pomegranate juice, here are some other fruit juices that have great benefits and good nutrition to mommy and fetus conceived.

1. Apple Juice

Apple juice mixed with celery is able to overcome sleep disorders during pregnancy. Apple juice can also be mixed with spinach. The combination of oxalic acid in spinach and pectin in apple is useful for mommy’s digestion. Pectin substances contained in apples can also lower cholesterol levels that can affect the function of the heart.

2. Avocado Juice

Avocado juice contains fats, oils, and high calories that is very useful for maintaining the stamina of pregnant women. In addition, avocado juice can also maintain the flexibility of joints muscles and reduce cholesterol levels.

3. Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is able to refresh a tired mommy. In addition, carrot juice can prevent high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, and reduce blood sugar levels for mommy who has diabetes disorders. Therefore, carrots also become one of the healthy foods for pregnant women.

4. Cantaloupe Juice

Cantaloupe juice can reduce inflammation and restore intestinal tissue injury because it contains beta carotene, magnesium, pro-vitamin A, zinc, manganese, and chromium. Natural sugars and enzymes contained in cantaloupe fruit, has the function of absorption of the intestine caused by eating too much or eating in a hurry so as not chewed properly, drug deposition, and also overcome the nausea.

5. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice is good to consume because it can reduce the risk of injury to the fetus brain. In addition, pomegranate juice can help clean the teeth and mouth and prevent infection, so bad breath can be prevented.

 6. Orange Juice

It must have been a lot of mommy who knows that oranges contain vitamin C is high. Vitamin C is useful for the immune system and facilitates mucus in the throat, lungs, nasal cavity, and stomach. A mixture of honey and lemon juice is beneficial to heal inflammation and also the tonsils. But remember, for mommy who has gastric disorders should choose oranges that are not too sour to be made into juice, yes.

 7. Pear Juice

Pear juice can help mommy when mommy’s stomach feels uncomfortable due to excessive acid levels. One cause of the increase is due to stomach acid in oily foods, spicy, and high-calorie.

 8. Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is useful to assist the formation of glycogen in the liver that can make mommy stays fresh and in stamina. Appetite can be increased when mommy drink this juice, thanks to the salts mineral contained in the tomatoes, making tomato juice as a healthy foods for pregnant women.