Choosing Pregnancy Milk According to Pregnancy Stage

Written by: Redaksi

Memilih Susu Ibu Hamil Sesuai Dengan Tahap Kehamilan

Proper nutrition is essential for pregnant women. If Mommy wants to get enough nutrition during pregnancy, consuming special milk for pregnant women in one of the best solutions. Even though there are many milk products for pregnant women available in the market, many Mommies are having problems to choose the best product.

Choosing the milk suitable for certain stages of pregnancy is necessary since every stage needs different nutrition. It is advisable that the milk for pregnant women is enriched with Vitamin B6. If needed, choose the brand with more Vitamin B6 because that nutrient will reduce the nausea or morning sickness. There is another nutrition important in this stage namely folic acid and DHA which will support the nerve formation and intelligence of the fetus.

The next is for the second and third trimester of the pregnancy. What kind of nutrition needed in this pregnancy period? During this period, Mommy needs to focus on the iron which is necessary for anemia prevention. Another problem that can be avoided is pre-term labor ad underweight baby. Besides, there is also FOS nutrition to deal with constipation. Calcium is also highly needed, particularly during the second and third semester of pregnancy. 

Mommies also need to understand regarding the importance to choose the brand of milk for pregnant women. Every brand will definitely has a different quality. This may be a main indicator to choose the best brand. The better the reputation, the more qualified the milk is. Therefore, Mommy would have to be picky to consume the milk for the pregnant women. 

One famous milk brand and trusted by many pregnant women is PRENAGEN Esensis. In addition to complete the nutrition during pregnancy, PRENAGEN Esensis may also reduce the frequency of nausea and vomiting normally experienced by pregnant women up to 90% since it contains Vitamin B6 and also Protein.