5 Common Problems of Breastfeeding Mothers

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

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Taking care of the baby in order to grow into healthy and clever children is a dream of all mothers. One of the most recommended way to achieve this thing is by providing exclusive breastfeeding to the baby. Mommy may encounter some problems, especially if for the first time Mommy. 

Common Problems in Breastfeeding

Here are some common problems and tips for breastfeeding mother as the solution : 

Feeling sick due to the nipple blisters during breastfeeding. Such pain is a natural thing, especially for a new mother. Generally, the pain will fade away in not more than one minute. However, if the pain still continues for more than a minute, maybe the baby’s position is not quite fit. 

Nipple blisters. This can be caused by several things such as dry skin, wrong use of a breast pump, or most commonly caused by wrong position during breastfeeding. 

Less breast milk production. An exclusive breastfeeding would absolutely require a large amount of breast milk. There are many factors that may affect this matter, such as inadequate nutrition of the mother, less frequent of breastfeeding directly, and so forth. 

Biting Baby during Breastfeeding. When the baby’s teeth have started to grow, there are times when Mommy’s nipples are bitten because the baby still doesn’t understand about the teeth may hurt the mother. 

Nipple holes are clogged. This blockage can be caused by excessive breast milk production or the breast milk has not been pumped for quite a while. External factors such as clothing or too tight Breast-Holder may also cause this problem.


Make sure that Mommy has already applied the proper breastfeeding position. Ensure that the baby's nose and chin touch Mommy’s breast, the baby’s mouth should also cover the lower part of areola area. Avoid using tight clothes during breastfeeding since it may cause the pain despite the correct position. 

The second problem can also be handled by ensuring the accuracy of the feeding position. Try to provide breastfeeding during short intervals. The baby will suckle the nipple strongly if he is already hungry. 

The solution to the third problem is by increasing milk production. This can be done by applying a proper diet such as consuming sweet leaves and other green vegetables. Mommy’s breast milk production will increase in line with the frequency of the breastfeeding. 

Most new mothers do not know how to solve this problem because this problem comes from the behavior of the baby. Another tips is by pressing the baby’s nose so that he will open his mouth. 

Lastly, try to always give breast milk to the baby. Even if Mommy cannot give the breast milk directly, use a breast pump to take out the breast milk in order to prevent blockage.