How to Overcome Pregnancy Disorders Back Pain

Written by: Redaksi

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One type of pregnancy disorder which is most frequently complained about by mommy is back pain. Back pain can occur because most pregnant women are having difficulties to position their body correctly while doing daily activities. In addition, the habit of doing the activities may also be one of the triggers. 

Numerous experts recommend that pregnant women do not perform too many activities. This is because the posture of pregnant women tends to stand toward the front. This can make the back pain inevitable. This kind of problem is usually experienced by pregnant women who were pregnant in the first trimester and the last trimester of pregnancy.

If mommy has this kind of pregnancy disorder, no need to worry. Here are some tips that mommy can do to avoid these problems:

  1. Make the body in the most relaxed and comfortable position as possible. As a result, this pain will further be reduced. The experience of having previous injury to the spine can also trigger this pain. Experts say that women who become pregnant naturally will definitely produce extra hormones in the body. This then triggers the onset of pain. When the body is relaxed, then mommy will avoid back pain disorder.
  2. If mommy wants to be free of pain, mommy needs to move a lot. Do not just remain silent. Be sure to do a little exercise on a regular basis. It is very important to create a fresh body. Too much silence will actually make the pain worse. 
  3. Mommy is also recommended to use flat sandals or shoes in order to maintain the comfort and body alignment. Flat shoes will prevent mommy’s body from injuries. 
  4. In addition, do not sleep with the supine position. Many mommies who often do this have the back pain as the result. Try to sleep on your side. This position is considered better to protect mommy from severe back pain. If needed, mommy can also use a buffer. Perform slight movements such as pulling back to the top and crawl can also be performed. Repeat these movements up to five to ten times each day.

Hopefully, the aforementioned tips can solve the pregnancy disorders such as back pain, which is often experienced by pregnant women