Understanding Donor Breast Milk & the Required Conditions

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Mengenal Donor ASI dan Syarat yang Harus Dipenuhi

Who does not want his/her favorite baby to grow to perfection? All Mommies certainly want their children to grow well and perfectly. Mommy will do various things so that their babies grow well and perfect, no matter how much the cost, time, and the efforts. 

According to the experts, the best way to maximize the growth of infants perfectly is to give exclusive breastfeeding for at least the first 6 months.  

What about Mommy who cannot breastfeed at any time because of her work? Or Mommy who cannot breastfeed optimally because the milk supply is inadequate? For Mommy who lacks breast milk or cannot breastfeed the baby for some reasons, now Mommy does not have to worry because the baby may still get the breast milk from Mommy who donated the breast milk for babies who are less 'fortunate'.

Health Tests

One of the first frequently asked questions is whether the baby will be infected by the diseases of the breast milk donor if she has particular diseases. Indeed, according to some experts, if we use the breast milk from a donor and that donor has a particular disease, this is likely to be transmitted to the baby. 

But Mommy does not have to worry about this problem. If Mommy wants to use the donor’s breast milk, try to know the donor closer. Thus, Mommy will absolutely know if the donor is healthy or has certain diseases. 

So Mommy will be sure and relaxed to use the breast milk from the donor for the baby. If Mommy plans to use the breast milk from the donor that Mommy isn’t familiar with, try to check the health of the donor. Mommy can ask him to check the health of the hospital and make sure that the donor passed the tests, which can make Mommy confident to use breast milk from that donor for the sake of optimal growth and development of the baby.

When Mommy uses the breast milk of a donor, it will be very helpful for the baby in terms of growth and development because breast milk contains similar nutrients from one to another. However, if there is no health problem, it would be better if Mommy still provides breastfeeding for the baby to in order to reach optimal growth.