Good Lifestyle for Pregnant Women

Written by: Redaksi

Gaya Hidup yang Baik untuk Ibu Hamil

Mommy’s lifestyle is very influential in pregnancy and food consumed during pregnancy is one of the things that illustrate the real mommy’s lifestyle. Food does not only affect Mommy’s health but also the fetus. Improper diet will have an impact on the pregnancy issues.

And one of the issues that can occur is obesity. This issue will not only affect Mommy’s body which is getting bigger, but also can lead to diabetes, and when Mommy has diabetes, the fetal health will also get affected. Here are some tips about good foods for pregnancy that will influence Mommy’s lifestyle which is also good for the growth and development of the fetus.

  1. The first pregnancy tips is to eat a balanced diet, many experts suggest this. It's easy, the first is vegetables and fruits. Eat at least 5 portions a day. In order not to get bored, provide a variety of fruit vegetables, eating small portions regularly but will not result in weight gain. Next is the carbohydrate foods. Whole wheat bread is the best choice because it contains non-complex carbohydrates, high fiber and low in calories. For protein, Mommy can consume some foods, such as beef and chicken without the fat. Or, Mommy can also use vegetable protein, such as nuts, seeds, avocados and other fruit. Be sure to cook the food properly, so the vitamins and nutrition will be obtain at maximum.
  2. Does Mommy like coffee? Actually, coffee is not good for pregnant mommy. So, to keep the pregnancy, mommy should avoid it. But that does not mean mommy should not drink it. Mommy needs to know the limitations, which is 200 milligrams. Although a little, but mommy can still feel the coffee, right?
  3. The next pregnancy tips after food is sports. There are many types of exercises that can be done. One of them is walking. Mommy only needs to go walking for 20 minutes per session 4 times a week. During the second trimester, this sport needs more attention due to the bigger size of the abdomen that will affect Mommy’s balance. The risk of falling will increase. Therefore, the husband needs to accompany his wife while walking.
  4. Mommy also needs to avoid a few other things. The first is air pollution, especially cigarette smoke, for mommy this may be difficult if the smoker is the husband. Mommy must tell the husband not to smoke near her. In addition, Mommy also needs to avoid crowds because this may make Mommy easily get stressed and grumpy. So, try not to be in public places too often.
  5. Medicine is also important to consider. If you want to use it, consult a doctor. Follow the directions of use. Thus, Mommy will not get into trouble. If consumed improperly, it may lead to miscarriage.


Pregnancy tips above are very important so that Mommy’s lifestyle will not harm the fetus. It would be better if mommy already had a healthy lifestyle as above prior to pregnancy. Then, Mommy’s body will be more prepared and the pregnancy period will happen smoothly.