When Breast Milk Must Be Replaced with Formula Milk

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Ketika ASI Harus Diganti Susu Formula

It has been a general knowledge that the newborn baby requires a lot of nutrient intake and nutrition to support the growth and health of the baby. Not many people understand which one is more important, breast milk or infant formula, to be used to support the nutritional quality of the baby. 

Breast Milk or Infant Formula? 

Actually the choice may vary according to the needs of the baby and the mother's condition. Of course, the healthiest is providing the greatly beneficial breast milk to the baby.

However, there are times when breastfeeding is stopped because of the condition of the mother which is not possible. Therefore, providing infant formula is the solution to provide the nutritional intake for the baby. 

Considerations in Choosing Infant Formula

When talking about providing nutrition and proper nutrients for the baby, actually the first thing to learn is the breastfeeding tips. After deep understanding of breastfeeding, Mommy will be able to decide the proper kinds of milk for the baby. 

In fact, there is no such thing as the best infant formula since all brands have their own qualities and benefits. In choosing the brand of infant formula, there are surely many considerations. 

The first is the compatibility with the baby. Mommy needs to consider that each infant formula has different compatibilities. The second thing to consider is regarding the ingredients contained in the infant milk. The price and the brand are also some of the important considerations. 

There is some information regarding the selection of the best possible infant formula in accordance with Mommy’s choice of course. The first option is Enfagrow. This type of infant formula is quite popular among the people, not only it contains vital nutrients and needed by the baby, but also offers many flavors such as honey, vanilla, and others. Regarding the price, this brand is quite affordable since the price is Rp.199.000.

Although there are some people complaining about the price of infant formula, of course, the nutritional content of milk is similar to breast milk, even better. Mommy may even get cheaper price if looking for promotion in the market. 

The next option which is very popular nowadays is Pediasure. This brand certainly becomes very popular among the rich since they have no problems in spending more money to buy the best quality brand. 

The nutritional content is certainly better than other choices of infant formula in the market. People with limited budget will complain about the price of this milk, which is Rp. 267,000. 

If Mommy is hunting for infant formula with the affordable prices, the best choices are Nutrilon, Bebelac, Nutribaby, and others which are not more than Rp.150,000. In order to get a cheaper price, Mommy can buy when there is a special discount offer.