Is Nutrition for Pregnant Women Can be Obtained by Drinking Milk?

Written by: Redaksi

Manfaat Susu dalam Menyediakan Nutrisi Penting Selama Kehamilan

During the pregnancy, there are many disturbances experienced by mommy. One of them is nausea, which is a common problem for women who are pregnant. How to cope with nausea? Many say that the milk for pregnant women can reduce nausea, is it true that by drinking this milk, the pregnant women are able to reduce nausea?

The fact that the milk for pregnant women may reduce nausea has not been observed. During pregnancy, mommies are experiencing different situations and conditions. Nausea is a natural thing when pregnant. It certainly becomes a challenge for the mommy in finding a solution. So what is the connection with the milk for pregnant women? 

Mommy is likely experiencing vomiting during pregnancy. Frequent vomiting makes mommy lose a lot of nutrients. To overcome this symptom, mommy needs to find new sources of nutrients and one of them is through the milk for pregnant women. This milk is very important as a substitute for the nutrients wasted when vomiting.

The milk for Pregnant Women PRENAGEN Esensis contains high levels of folic acid. The nutrition from this milk is useful to help the formation of the fetal brain nerve. Its Calcium content helps the formation of bones and teeth. Mommy does not have to worry of becoming fatter since PRENAGEN Esensis is low-fat. The content of vitamins and minerals found in PRENAGEN Esensis will also complement the nutrition of pregnant women during the preparation stage of pregnancy.