Keeping Pregnancy Away from Mamnesia Disorder

Written by: Redaksi

Menjaga Kehamilan dari Gangguan Mamnesia

Maintain the pregnancy is the most important thing a mommy can do. However, pregnancy can also still bring some of disorders and one of them is mamnesia or a condition when Mommy may become really forgetful. In addition to being forgetful, and also mindset disturbances, eventually Mommy will find it difficult to think logically. The most worrisome is that both can occur simultaneously. Although it is quite disturbing but this symptom is not classified into some kinds of diseases occur during pregnancy. 

Mamnesia occurs during the second and third semester, and is normally caused by various things. One cause is the change in Mommy’s concentration caused by the hormones progesterone and estrogen. Both of these hormones can reduce the working brain cells, particularly brain cells that regulate memory.

According to Dr. Laura Glynn of the United States, mamnesia is a good sign. Why? By experiencing mamnesia, Mommy will give more attention to the pregnancy and her affection to the fetus in the womb will also improve. 

Mamnesia can affect the neurodevelopment and the brain work. This is caused by fetal cells mixed in Mommy’s blood. This is why Mommy will be more sensitive, especially when Mommy is experiencing how the fetus moves. 

Although it is not a disease, some Mommies might still feel distracted. To prevent this symptom from growing into pregnancy diseases, Mommy can do the following things :

1.Stress Management 

The first is managing stress. Stress and pressure can affect memory. In order to overcome this, do yoga for pregnant women and control the food intake. Try to eat foods that can make the Mommy feel relaxed.


Sport is the second way. By doing some sports, Mommy can overcome mamnesia. The supply of oxygen to the brain will be enough and it would reactivate the brain cells. In addition, exercise can also improve the memory. 


Focus on what Mommy is doing. By doing so, it will be easier for Mommy to remember things. Studies say that human’s memory is limited, only 7 information can be received within 30 seconds. 

4. Husband’s Support

Lastly, a husband’s support is also very important to minimize the bad effects of mamnesia. With the support of her husband, Mommy will feel calmer, especially during pregnancy up to childbirth. 

By doing the aforementioned actions, Mommy can maintain the pregnancy in the event of mamnesia and also avoid various disturbances during pregnancy until childbirth.