Know More about pogram In Baby Fund

Written by: Redaksi

Proses Bayi Tabung dan Tingkat Keberhasilannya

When a baby never comes in married life , the process of IVF is one of the solutions that can be taken to have a child . IVF is an alternative conception process . Ovarian egg cells taken from mommy and the sperm is injected into it . This is done so that fertilization occurs . That is , if fertilization occurs , pregnancy may occur after the fertilized ovum is injected back into the womb and will develop into a baby .

In this program , the ovaries are stimulated first so that mommy has a lot of eggs in the uterus , so that the egg will easily generated . IVF fertilization outside the womb , so it was not like artificial insemination or IU should inject the sperm into the uterus .

While fertilization is done in the cup , usually left for 3-5 days . Once the embryo is formed , then IVF is done . Some of the embryos placed into the catheter and then injected into the uterus , while the other embryos frozen and stored with care .

The program is carried out with a total anesthetize the prospective mother but do not use mechanical ventilation in the throat . Mommy who want to do do not need to worry because the process of making and injection of ova pretty fast , so easy to do .

There are several reasons why this program is done . First , because of poor sperm quality , sperm are not able to swim toward the egg . With the help of this program , pregnancy can occur . IVF is also very useful when there is a problem with fertility . With this program , doctors can also find abnormalities in infants . So , the doctor will perform Pre - implantation Genetic Diagnosis ( PGD ) is used to examine the embryo and can also be used to find abnormalities , such as Down Syndrome .

But , there are some drawbacks of IVF. One is the cost is quite expensive . To be eligible for this program , mommy pocket should provide about 40 to 70 million dollars . But although expensive , this program is considered very effective . The program may be the right solution for the mommy who wants to have children .