How to Deal with Swollen Feet during Pregnancy 3rd Trimester

Written by: Redaksi

Cara Mengatasi Kaki Bengkak saat Hamil Trimester 3

Most mommies would have been happy with the condition of their pregnancy, but in fact there are many pregnancy disorders that appear during early pregnancy. One of the most disturbing disorders and might interfere with the development of the fetus in the womb is leg swelling. As the name suggests, leg swelling is a condition of the growing size of the feet beyond the normal.

Leg swelling is a common problem during the third trimester of pregnancy. Many mommies complain that their sandals or shoes are no longer fit for use. There are also many mommies who feel uncomfortable when walking due to this condition. Mommy may also feel insecure. There are many ways to cope with the leg swelling every mommy has her own way. 

Causes of Leg Swelling

The main cause of leg swelling is due to the amount of more fluid production. Pregnancy makes mommy produce plenty of fluids in the body. The fluid will continue to accumulate and mommy needs to hold it, on the condition of the uterus will also continue to grow.

Another cause is because the bad flow of blood circulation in mommy’s legs. It also affects the amount of fluid in the legs. The excess of fluid will make mommy’s leg swelling. 

How to cope with leg swelling?

There are many solutions to cope with leg swelling so that it will not affect the fetal development. The first way is to improve the way mommy sits. Sitting cross leg is a way of sitting that mommy needs to avoid. The seating position will inhibit blood circulation from the heart to the legs so as to make the legs become swollen. Mommy can change the sitting position with raised legs. Use a small chair to put the feet in parallel so that the blood will flow smoothly.

Next, mommy must avoid sitting for too long. Doing a little walk can make the blood circulation in the feet flow smoothly. Many mommies are lazy to move when the stomach is getting bigger for weight reasons and many more. The reason is simply because of the mindset while mommy actually still have to move so that the body metabolism will stay normal, such as doing casual activity for 30 minutes per day so the leg swelling can be prevented. Casual activity such as walking can be done in the early morning when the air is still fresh, earthling or walking barefooted in the park, cooking and others.

Another tip to maintain the fetal development is sleeping facing left. This sleeping position increases the blood flow to the fetus so that it will feel comfortable. If mommy is experiencing pain in the stomach or feeling too tight, this position is the best position to lie down and rest.