Pay attention to sleeping position during pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

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For all Mommies who are enjoying pregnancy period and expecting the birth of the baby, it is recommended to start paying attention to the sleeping positions which may give comfort during pregnancy. If Mommy is in the first trimester of pregnancy, sleeping with any position will still provide comfort due to the condition of pregnancy which is still relatively small.

Usually Mommy will feel an anxiety during the second trimester of pregnancy because of the growing conditions of the belly. But apparently this is not a concern because of the uniqueness of Mommy’s body which will automatically provide protection to the fetus. Apparently, the fetus is always in comfortable condition because of the amniotic fluid and the belly also provides comfort for the free movement of the fetus. 

But it is advisable that Mommy starts to notice the sleeping position during pregnancy which will provide comfort for Mommy and the baby, as will be discussed below:

Comfortable Position

There are several sleeping positions which can be an option for Mommy during pregnancy:

Supine Sleeping Position

This sleeping position can be a choice for the Mommy during the first trimester of pregnancy because in this stage the fetus is still relatively small. So, Mommy will feel comfortable during sleep even though this sleeping position cannot be applied as the pregnancy is increasing. This position can still be applied with some adjustments, for example with knees propped up by pillows that will provide comfort for Mommy. Sometimes Mommy will also experience difficulty sleeping because of the condition of the fetus which is already growing, so it's good for Mommy to change this sleeping position to another position that is more comfortable.

Sideways Sleeping Position

This sleeping position might be a good choice for Mommies who are in the second trimester of pregnant. There is a distinctive way to get the maximum comfort with a sideways sleeping position like this, so Mommy needs to lie down and bend the knees. Don’t forget to put a pillow at the feet, also under the belly and lower back. This sleeping position is recommended by the obstetrician when the pregnancy is getting bigger because Mommy can facilitate the blood flow to the fetus and placenta.

Leaning Sleeping Position 

Another comfortable sleeping position for Mommy during pregnancy is leaning position. The trick is by using piled several pillows and Mommy can directly lay on those pillows, and for more comfort Mommy can also put a pillow in the knee. This sleeping position becomes an alternative when sideways position is no more comfortable, especially when Mommy is having pain in the waist. This position This leaning position, with some pillow support on the head and buttocks may also provide extra comfort for Mommy.