Pomegranate Benefits for Pregnant Women

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Manfaat Buah Delima untuk Ibu Hamil

Eating fruit during pregnancy is highly recommended so that pregnant women get proper nutrition. One fruit which is highly recommended for consumption during pregnancy is pomegranate. Actually, what benefits could mommy get by eating this fruit during pregnancy? Let’s consider the following explanation.

Pomegranate and its Nutrition Content 

Pomegranate, which is originally from the Middle East region, has a tree that can grow up to 5 to 8 feet. Suitable pomegranate tree is planted in low-lying areas to approximately below 1,000 m below sea level. Currently, pomegranate is often grown as a medicinal plant and consumed because the fruit itself is delicious to eat. Besides, some people also plant this tree as an ornamental plant. 

According to one study, this fruit has a vitamin C content of about 40% which is sufficient to meet the daily needs of adults. In addition to vitamin C, pomegranate also contains folic acid, potassium, fiber, niacin, vitamin E, and vitamin A. Antioxidants which are also contained in pomegranate is beneficial to fight free radicals in the body. When compared with other fruits, such as cranberries, blueberries, and grapes, pomegranate antioxidant content is higher.

Pomegranate Benefits for Pregnant Women

All Mommies during the pregnancy period know that it is very important to fulfill the nutrition for the fetus. While being pregnant, Mommy is the only person giving the nutrition needed by the fetus. Most of the food and beverages consumed will affect the fetal growth being conceived. 

Therefore, Mommy needs to pay attention to the food and beverage consumption during pregnancy. Mommy should consume nutritious food and beverages, and one of them is pomegranate. The folic acid content inside pomegranate can prevent neural tube defects which cause damage to the spinal cord of the fetus. In addition, folic acid can also prevent cleft lip happened to the baby.

Not only excellent for the fetus, pomegranate is also beneficial for the Mommy’s skin. Folic acid and anti-oxidants inside pomegranate are able to stimulate and enhance the skin's beauty. By consuming pomegranate frequently and get proper nutrition needed by pregnant women, the nutrition requirement for the fetus will be fulfilled and Mommy’s skin will look beautiful during pregnancy.

Benefits of Natural Pomegranate in PRENAGEN Juice

Having difficulties to buy pomegranate? No need to worry because the benefits of pomegranate could be obtained inside the PRENAGEN Juice. This juice is made from natural pomegranate which certainly contains the benefits of the natural pomegranate. 

PRENAGEN Juice contains folic acid which is very useful to help the growth and development of the fetus, reducing the risk of Neural Tube Defect exposed fetuses (NTD), and helps the formation of red blood cells to prevent anemia. The Vitamin C contained in PRENAGEN Juice is also beneficial to the maintenance and formation of collagen tissue.

Always provide PRENAGEN Juice during pregnancy so that the nutritional needs of the fetus in the womb is fulfilled while Mommy’s health is also well-maintained.