Post-Partum Taboos

Written by: Redaksi

Pantangan-Pantangan Pasca Melahirkan

During pregnancy, Mommy should enjoy every pregnancy stage. Because, not all women may experience the pregnancy and giving birth to a child into the world. Then, Mommy who have given birth must still remember the struggle during childbirth. Now Mommy needs to take care and raise the baby. 

After giving birth, there is a recovery period after giving birth which is often referred as the post-partum period. This period will last for 40 days and usually there are some taboos during this period. The taboos are related to the health of Mommy and the baby. So what are the taboos?  

Post-Partum Taboos from Javanese Culture 

Java is known as an area rich in culture. There are many circulating myths and customs that must be performed. What are some taboos after giving birth?

Women should not have sexual intercourse during 40 days after giving birth. Many parents say this because it would affect the health of the baby but actually it is very close to the mother's health condition. Some of her vital organs are not fully healed and could be used perfectly. Therefore, the husband should not force his wife to have sexual intercourse. Especially there is a big possibility to be pregnant, making the interval of the first and second child too short. 

In addition to abstinence to sexual intercourse after child birth, there are some child birth taboos from Java that most be understood and obeyed. Here are some of them : 

Firstly, the prohibition of the mother and baby to sleep at dusk (magrib time). It will make the mother and baby become sick. 

Secondly, mothers are forbidden to eat seafood and chicken. It is believed to slow the healing of wounds in the mother after giving birth.

Third, mothers are prohibited to drink plenty of water because it might make the wound healing process becomes slower. 

Some taboos above may sound unreasonable but many women still do them for the sake of the health of the mother and the baby. 

Post-Partum Advice

In addition to some taboos which must be followed after child birth, there are also some important advice that Mommy should follow. What are the advice? 

Firstly, the mother should put the baby on her lap at dusk (magrib time). This is to protect the baby from the danger of evil spirits. 

Secondly, the mother should apply the lime solution on the abdomen to make the wound healed faster. 

Third, the mother can also use pilis and put it on the forehead. Besides, Mommy should also drink some herbal medicine for 40 days in order to recover quickly.