Pregnancy Tips: Healthy and Proper Diet during Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Ibu Hamil: Diet Sehat dan Tepat Selama Kehamilan

Does mommy need the right pregnant women tips to conduct proper diet during pregnancy? 

The following article will explain to mommy.

Can pregnant mothers go on a diet? If allowed, what kind of diet should be done? Diet is actually not recommended for pregnant mothers. In fact, mommy just has to keep eating and doing activities in balance in order to not gaining weight after giving birth. 

Normal weight gain in pregnant mommy is usually from 12 to 14 kilograms, when it is more, then mommy means consuming excess calories. But again, it is suggested that mommy does not need to go on a diet, mommy only needs to set the proper course of eating habit. In addition, to avoid obesity, mommy is advised to carry out the following pregnant women tips:

  1. Avoid eating before bedtime, because sleeping after eating will increase visceral fat that is harmful to the body. This is what causes mommy gain weight rapidly. It is recommended that mommy should eat before 7pm.
  2. Eat 5-6 times a day with small portions, so mommy can fill a complete nutritional intake. For example, the morning breakfast of milk and boiled eggs to fill the needs of protein. By noon mommy can fill in carbohydrates with a sandwich. During the day mommy can fill vitamin and fiber intake with fruits. In the afternoon mommy can eat healthy snacks such as corn on the cob, boiled potatoes, boiled bananas and others. Perform food combining with different patterns so that mommy does not get bored.
  3. Moderate exercise such as swimming and walking leisurely is very helpful. Mommy who is not doing any activity will tend to be easily bored and just pass the time with a lot of watching television or reading a magazine. Light activity like house cleaning and cooking can also burn a lot of calories.

There is a method that can also be practiced to maintain weight during pregnancy, namely exercise. With regular exercise, mommy will always be fit and does not need to worry about body fat.

One thing to remember, pregnancy is the time when mommy requires adequate nutrition. It is important for the reserves of mommy energy. Energy to carry the baby in the womb and also during childbirth labor. If mommy fears of disproportionate body after pregnancy, mommy can go on a diet and exercise after giving birth. Hopefully these pregnant women tips are useful for mommy.