Steps to Maintain Good Body Position During Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Langkah Menjaga Posisi Tubuh Yang Baik Saat Hamil

In addition to eating foods that are good for pregnancy, pregnant women should also pay attention to good posture. It is important that Mommy and the fetus feel comfortable. The following tips are useful for pregnant women to feel comfortable during pregnancy. 

1. For mommy who likes to move around, no need to limit the activities, but remember to do them correctly and with proper position. When walking, be sure Mommy’s head is straight forward. The shoulder should also be in the upright position. The feet need to be flat to support the body and avoid wearing high heels when being pregnant. 

2. Do not stand carelessly. While pregnant, mommy should not stand for too long. Try to find a place to support the body. Mommy may stand for maximum of 15 minutes and then have a rest.

3. The next tips for pregnant women is making sure that Mommy sits with the correct position. Straighten the back, pull up the shoulders. Increasing load makes Mommy a little overwhelmed, therefore find a chair that has a back support. Resting the shoulders on the sofa could also make Mommy relaxed. Change the posture and sitting position every 30 minutes to reduce leg pain. 

4. If Mommy has problems picking up things, bend the legs slowly. For security, find a handle or pedestal so Mommy could hold on when going up. Do everything slowly to avoid accidents. 

5. Getting up from bed is not as easy as it used to be. Make sure Mommy lean on one side first. Begin shifting hands to support the body. Do not stand right away, but sit down first from a sleeping position. Try to control the breath for relaxation. 

6. The last position is when lifting things. The weight limit for items lifted by pregnant women is 5 kg. Divide the load on two hands, and pay attention to the distance that Mommy needs to carry the items. If Mommy does not need to lift the items, don’t do it. 

During pregnancy, the most important thing is the health conditions of Mommy and the fetus. Proper posture will help Mommy maintain the pregnancy. Avoid doing dangerous extreme movements. Always make sure that Mommy's body is in the proper position. Hopefully these tips are useful for pregnant women.