How to Deal with Sore Nipples When Breastfeeding

Written by: Redaksi

Cara Mengatasi Puting Sakit Saat Menyusui

Breastfeeding is an intimate activity for mommy and baby, but breastfeeding may often lead to injuries on the mommy’s nipple. There are a few breastfeeding tips that can be done to overcome this matter.

The first is to make mommy’s nipples become moist. The way to do this is by putting a wet cloth with warm water on mommy’s nipples. Do this before breastfeeding. After breastfeeding, put a damp cloth with salt water on the breast. Do it for 1 minute to remove the pain.

The second is mommy’s breastfeeding position. The main cause of sore nipples is wrong breastfeeding position. For information, cradle hold position is the best position. It is suitable for mommy who has a baby for the first time. How to do a cradle hold is to hold the baby in front of the stomach, make sure the baby's body stuck in mommy’s stomach so that it will easier for the baby to find mommy’s nipple.

In fact, the baby does not suck mommy’s nipples during breastfeeding. Babies suck the areola part of mommy’s breast. The areola is the dark part around the nipple. This cradle hold position can increase milk production for the baby.

When doing breastfeeding, wait for the baby to open his mouth. It would be better if the baby open his mouth widely. Mommy will be able to feel mommy’s nipple is in the baby's palate. This is the most correct position so that the baby will get the milk in large quantities.

Sore nipples also occur as a result of pulling the nipple incorrectly. When mommy finishes breastfeeding, do not pull mommy’s nipple immediately. Slowly open the baby’s mouth, gently press the baby's chin with your thumb, and place the tip of mommy’s finger in the baby's mouth too.

In addition to positions, the hygiene of mommy’s nipples is also important. Wash the nipples regularly. Replace the milk absorbent pad periodically and put a small amount of breast milk on the nipple after breastfeeding is completed. This is intended because breast milk can soften the nipple and reduce the pain. Then chill or aerate nipples to dry after breastfeeding.

Mommy can also consult a lactation counselor. These services are usually provided by maternity hospital. They can give various breastfeeding tips. Use this opportunity to learn a lot. So when mommy comes home and has to breastfeed, the problems that might occur during breastfeeding can be handled.