Procedures for Breast Milk Storage

Written by: Redaksi

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Breast Milk is the most nutritious foods and appropriate for babies. Therefore, the medical world recommends exclusive breastfeeding for six months, and continued until the age of two with complementary foods. In addition, when Mommy gives breast milk to the baby, it would also establish a strong emotional relationship.

However, many of the pregnant women nowadays do not have time to breastfeed their babies. This is very unfortunate, because there are so many benefits of breastfeeding. However, by following these tips, those women can provide exclusive breastfeeding by pumping and storing breast milk.

Preparation for Storing the Breast Milk

The first tips for storing the breast milk is that Mommy needs to prepare the following equipment. The first is a tool for breast milk pumping. Choose a good pumping equipment with high quality. It would be better if Mommy choose the pump that has been approved and recommended by the medical world. 

Mommy also needs to prepare an airtight place for storing the breast milk that has already been pumped so that the breast milk will not be contaminated by bacteria. In addition, Mommy needs to prepare a refrigerator that has a freezer and a good cooling system.

This will greatly help to extend the life of the stored breast milk. When Mommy has already had the tool mentioned above, then Mommy is ready to store the breast milk properly. 

Storage Requirements

To store the breast milk that has already been pumped, there are some things Mommy needs to know. The first is the storage time. The storage time of breast milk depends on the storage place. 

When Mommy stored it at room temperature, then the breast milk will only last for 6 to 8 hours. Meanwhile, if Mommy puts it in the freezer, it can last for approximately 2 weeks. Prior to storing the breast milk in the freezer, Mommy needs to make the breast milk that has already pumped cool in the first place. Store it in the refrigerator, in the fruit and vegetables section until it is cool enough, then, it can be frozen in the freezer.

Also make sure that Mommy puts label showing the time and date of breast pumping and storing. The right temperature to store breast milk in the freezer is less than 5 degrees Celsius. Thus, the breast milk will last longer. 

This stored breast milk must all be consumed at once. Do not put it back to the storage place after consumed by the baby. Another thing to consider is Mommy needs to be aware that if the breast milk is stored in the freezer or frozen, there will be some antibodies which are damaged. 

Thus, this method can be regarded as the last method that Mommy could use. It would be better if Mommy provide breastfeeding directly to the baby since the baby will get more complete nutrition and vitamins.