Due Date Approaching? Learn Essential Induction Tips

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Hari Perkiraan Lahir Sudah Dekat? Ketahui Tips IMD Yuk

There is no doubt about the importance of early initiation of breastfeeding (IMD) for the mothers to babies. It takes a few considerations why Mommy should apply IMD program to the baby. 

One of the objectives is to train the baby in to independently look for Mommy’s nipple to suckle. This means that mommy is not giving milk but the baby is trying to suckle the nipple. 

Although the IMD program has been popular, but there are still many Mommies who do not understand the correct information concerning the IMD program. In this case, it is necessary to find information about the IMD.

The more accurate information that Mommy can get, the more successful Mommy is in implementing the IMD. One of the easiest sources how to implement IMD is from the internet. The most important thing to learn is the procedures of implementing IMD program.

IMD Success Tips

The thing that Mommy really needs to understand regarding the IMD success tips is the fundamental understanding of the benefits of IMD. If Mommy is more aware of the benefits of IMD, the intention will become stronger and more focused in implementing IMD so the result will be at maximum, both for Mommy and the baby. 

Therefore, Mommies are obliged to learn about the benefits of the IMD in advance. In this case, the Internet can be used to broaden the knowledge about the benefits of IMD. 

After understanding the benefits of IMD, the next motivation to succeed the IMD program is to bring together people that will support in implementing IMD. Those who can assist in providing support to implement IMD program are the husband, parents, and other close relatives. The support itself can be in the form of psychological advice as well as the experience sharing that will make the implementation of IMD effective. 

The next IMD success tips are how Mommy will implement the IMD program, whether with the assistance of the experts. If Mommy does not really understand how to do the IMD, Mommy really needs to ask the experts, particularly the ob/gyn or the hospital where Mommy gave birth. 

The next tips are to improve the knowledge on lactation management. This management can be in the form of breastfeeding tips, how to overcome the health problems of breasts, and so forth. Most importantly, Mommy’s intention and effort in implementing the IMD program.