Complete Guide to Prenatal Exercise for Healthy Mothers

Written by: Redaksi

Panduan Lengkap Senam Hamil untuk Ibu yang Sehat dan Bugar

Sometimes being pregnant makes Mommy lazy to move. As a result, Mommy’s body feels weak. It is true that Mommy should not move too much; however, Mommy must still do some exercises so that the body remains strong. If the body is strong, the labor process will be smooth. Pregnancy workouts for pregnant women are essential in order to stay fit and healthy. 

Before you begin, consult your doctor. If the doctor permits, start doing the workouts. Pregnancy workouts usually start in the third semester. There are some movements that Mommy may try. This kind of workout can strengthen Mommy’s respiratory system. 

Start the pregnancy workouts with the warming up. This is intended to improve the blood circulation in the body and to make the muscles more flexible. Thus, spasms or cramps will not happen during the pregnancy. 

The next pregnancy movement is the movement to purse the muscles. It functions to train the muscles so that they are not stiff. This movement starts from standing position. Put the hands on the hips. Then move your head to the right and left. This movement is useful to stretch the neck muscles.

After that, take a sitting position. Straighten your legs forward. Move your feet to the front and back. This movement can prevent leg swelling, and also smoothen the venous circulation.

Then, take a sleeping position facing up. Bend one leg while the one is still straight. Push the bended leg forward. Perform alternately for several minutes. This movement can train the pelvis. 

Next, take a sleeping position and bend both legs. Hold both knees with arms. Breath slowly and practice to push. Then, take a crawling position. Put the chest on the floor and hold on for 1 minute. This position can help fix the position of the fetus. 

Next, breathing exercises for cooling down. After completing the pregnancy workouts, do the cooling down which can be combined with meditation exercise to calm the mind. Sit cross-legged on the floor, use the mat to prevent cold, hand position is actually free as long as still relaxed, inhale slowly, concentrate on the breathing alone and don’t think of anything else. so as not to cold, hand position essentially free home relaxed, suction breathing slowly, just concentration on the breath alone and not think of anything else. When doing exhale, breath softly and don’t hold your breath, do this for 5-10 minutes.

While doing pregnancy workouts, bring a company, such as Mommy’s husband. Doing the workouts with somebody will be more fun. Besides, it will be better if there is a supervision for a quick response if undesirable things happen.