How to Maintain an Ideal Body During Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Cara Merawat Tubuh Ideal Saat Hamil dan Setelah Melahirkan

During pregnancy, Mommy will think that her body is not ideal, especially after childbirth. Here's how to take care of the pregnancy for pregnant women that Mommy could do. 

1. Check the weight regularly 

Check the weight at Week 16. Try to weight once a week and record the weight every time after weighing.

2. Maintain the Mommy’s diet 

In the second trimester, Mommy’s body will return to normal. Try not to eat too much snacks and eat the meals 3 times a day. Eat with adequate nutrition. If necessary, eat frequently but in small portions. Consume important nutrition for the pregnancy. Eat fruits and vegetables frequently. 

3. Eat properly

Eating in a rush will lead to high blood sugar level. Blood sugar levels will greatly affect Mommy. Normal levels of sugar will make pregnant women feel full.

4. Reduce consumption of sugar

Reducing consumption of sugars is another way to maintain the pregnancy. Reducing sugar for pregnant women means reducing the calories. Avoid sugary and fatty snacks. 

5. Do not eat 3 hours before bedtime

Eating 3 hours before bedtime will lead to obesity because Mommy will store the food under the skin.

6. Record Mommy’s diet

Find out about Mommy’s diet and reduce the food intake which is not beneficial. Maintain the proper diet. By doing so, the weight will not easily rise. In addition, the fetus will be safe and healthy. 

7. Move the body frequently

The movements could be started by cleaning the house. Do casual activities and avoid the strenuous activity. Frequent movements will prevent the body from obesity. Do this activity as long as there is no prohibition by doctors. 

In addition, doing exercises regularly will help Mommy to maintain the pregnancy : 

  • Walking. Walking may keep the body ideal. This exercise is also safe to be performed by pregnant women. Walking will handle joint problems and the blood circulation will be smooth. The fetus will be in a good condition too. 
  • Aerobics. Choose aerobics for pregnant women. One type of aerobics that is suitable for Mommy is yoga. Find the right instructor. Do it regularly to see the results. 
  • Swimming. After giving birth, it is advisable that Mommy do outdoor activities. Swimming can also reduce Mommy’s weight. Besides, it can also handle the joint problems. Do this exercise lightly. Find an instructor for maximal results. 

Hopefully these tips are useful and good luck.