Benefits of Water as Nutrition for Pregnant Women

Written by: Redaksi

Manfaat Air Putih Sebagai Nutrisi Ibu Hamil

Although it has an important role for the body, many people still underestimate the efficacy of water. One of the great benefits of water is one of the nutrition for pregnant women, which is strongly advised by many experts to be consumed during pregnancy.

Preventing dehydration

Water can prevent dehydration. It is often easy for Mommy to feel dizzy in the third trimester. These symptom indicates that Mommy is dehydrated. Mommy will also feel thirsty and sweaty, and urine color is orange and murky. These are the initial symptoms of dehydration.

Preventing pre-term labor

Drinking water can also prevent pre-term labor. Severe dehydration in the third trimester triggers contraction. The determine the amount of water for consumption is : multiply the weight by 0.33 liter, so for example Mommy’s current weight is 65 kilograms, then the water needs to be consumed is = 2.1 liters per day ,

Overcoming constipation

Apart from being an important nutrition for pregnant women, drinking water may also overcome constipation. The main cause of constipation is lack of fluids in the body, while the body’s digestive system depends on the drinking water intake. The water will be absorbed by feces so that it will be softer and easy to disposed.

Disposing bacteria in the kidneys

Retained urine will cause the kidneys become breeding places of germs. Drink enough water so that bacteria lodged in the kidney could be disposed. When Mommy drinks less water, the kidneys will work too hard and can lead to kidney failure which is dangerous for Mommy and the fetus.

Water can produce a healthy pregnancy; however, many Mommies feel lazy to consume water since it will make them urinate frequently, while frequent urination actually gets rid of toxins in the body. 

From the explanation above we came to know that drinking water turns out to be of great benefits, especially as nutrition for pregnant women that should be reasonably consumed during pregnancy. Now, let’s start drinking enough water so that the health of Mommy and the fetus is well-maintained.