Fetal Movement Gestational Age 16 Weeks to 40 Weeks

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Gerakan Janin Usia Kehamilan 16 Minggu Hingga 40 Minggu

Not all pregnant women have real understanding of what to do to maintain the health and quality of ongoing pregnancy. One example is how important to check the fetal movement in the stomach.

Mommy can find out that the fetal movement in the womb may have special meaning to any gestational age. Indeed, the most appropriate time to carry out checks on the fetal movement is during the night because the fetal movement at this moment is quite high. 

However, Mommy also needs to know that there might be no response from the fetus because he is just being lazy. In this condition, Mommy needs to do certain stimulation in order to make the baby becomes active. Just keep informed about the types of fetal movement based on the gestational age. 

Important Notice : 

Despite the fact that not all pregnant women have real understanding of how to conduct an examination of the fetal movement of the baby at the current gestational age, there are also many women who understand about this matter. 

The first is during the second trimester of pregnancy, or about Week 16 to Week 20. At this age, the most common fetal movements are punching and kicking. The fetal movements occurring in pregnancy are also called the acceleration phase.

Next is when the mother enters Week 21 and Week 24 of pregnancy. At this gestational age, the activities of the fetus are also improved. The movements are still around kicking and rolling. This may be because the water is still much available inside the womb, making the fetus have more flexibility in moving. 

Then, when entering Week 25 to Week 28 of pregnancy, what Mommy needs to know about the fetus activities at that gestational age is the fact that the fetus will begin to hiccup. Mommy also needs to understand that the fetus has begun to be able to respond to voices from the outside because it is the time for the hearing development of the fetus

Sometimes the fetus can be surprised at the noise from outside as well. Next is Week 29 to Week 31 or entering the third trimester of pregnancy. At this age, Mommy will realize that the fetal movements are getting stronger, more controlled and well organized. Sometimes mommy also can feel the contractions of the uterus.

Then, after reaching Week 32 to Week 35, Mommy needs to really pay attention to this age since this is exactly the peak of the fetal movements in the womb. 

At that age, mommy will feel the increase in the frequency of fetal movements as he has grown larger and stronger. One gestational age that Mommy needs to know is Week 36 to Week 40.

At this age, of course, the fetus has grown so big so he will have difficulty in moving. The thumb sucking activity of the fetus will soon be over. Every gestational age, early trimester, 6-month pregnancy or move would have an indication of different fetal movements.