Tips for Choosing a Bra for Breastfeeding Mothers

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Memilih Bra untuk Ibu Menyusui

Being pregnant and then breastfeeding is a gift that cannot be expressed with words. It is understandable if the Mommy gives everything for the baby with a variety of breastfeeding preparations. One of them is wearing the right clothes and bra, especially during breastfeeding period. Special breastfeeding bras are designed to make it easy for mothers to provide breastfeeding.

Special Design

Effective and efficient, and is especially convenient for both mother and baby; that's probably on the minds of the initiators and designers in creating designs for breastfeeding bra. Do not need to lift a bra or to remove it from the hook on the back, just live off the buttons on the front of the bra when the baby is about to suckle.

Mommy doesn’t need to bother, especially when the baby is really hungry and then cry hard enough. It must be difficult if Mommy needs to release the bra with regular design with the hook on the back when Mommy needs to provide breastfeeding for the baby. 

Choose Carefully

Here are tips for choosing the right breastfeeding bra for Mommy:

Model. Of course this is the first thing that must be expressed to the seller when buying a bra. The design of the breastfeeding bra is different from the regular ones. The breastfeeding bra has openings (slits) on the front of the bra which are easily opened and closed as needed. To close the gap, usually equipped with studs. Especially for the button, select the button or hook which is easily opened and closed. Mommy will be very nervous if the hooks are so difficult to open. 

Comfort. This is one important requirement in wearing the right bra for breastfeeding mothers. Comfort can be obtained by selecting the right material. Also the right size, is able to sustain the whole breast, and not too tight. It is fully understood that Mommy wants no changes in the breasts’ shape as a result of breastfeeding, then Mommy tries to wear a tight bra in order to keep the shape. In fact, if the bra is too tight, it won’t be comfortable and torturing. not to mention it can clog blood vessels that impedes the flow of breast milk. Therefore, as much as possible, avoid tight breastfeeding bra. The type of bra that can impede or affect the smooth flow of breast milk is underwire bra, so it’s better to avoid this type of bra. 

Color. Regarding the color, it is undeniable that many people will recommend the breastfeeding bra which is plain without any motif, with the color brown, white, and soft pink. However, with the design of many famous designers, there are many choices of motifs, patterns, and colors which are cute and can be found easily on the market. Because the importance of breastfeeding bra is its function, of course Mommy can choose favorite color and motif. Nobody prohibits Mommy wearing the regular bra instead of a special breastfeeding bra, but the specific design of this bra really simplifies mothers when breastfeeding the baby.

Another important thing is to complete the nutritional requirements for breastfeeding mothers in order to have high quality breast milk to support the growth of the baby optimally.