Tips on Breast Care for Breastfeeding Preparation

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Merawat Payudara Untuk Persiapan Menyusui

Breastfeeding is an important moment after childbirth which provides nutrition in the form of breast milk so that the baby is growing and developing well. But in fact, some women experience problems with breastfeeding, such as milk does not come out so the baby could not get the perfect and exclusive breast milk. 

How can it happen? One of the methods to improve the breast milk supply is applying breast care for breastfeeding during pregnancy so that the breastfeeding later can run smoothly and without problems. There are several things that can be done to make better process so that the breast milk production can be maximized. 

Here are some tips on breast care which are important to acknowledge and perform during pregnancy which will be beneficial if done correctly and regularly.

Detailed Breast Care

Along with increasing gestational age, Mommy’s nipple condition would be more flexible and bigger. A massage is very useful, but this is better done when already given birth, because this activity may trigger contractions. Instead, be careful while doing the massage during pregnancy.

Breast treatment can also be done by doing the pregnancy workouts. These workouts can be done regularly in the gyms or hospitals providing pregnancy exercise program. Pregnancy workouts are useful to strengthen the muscles in Mommy’s body, especially the pectoral muscle on the chest.

In addition to pregnancy workouts, there are other tips that can be done so as not to disrupt the mammary glands in the breast, such as choosing a bra for breastfeeding mothers carefully. Why so? This is because when Mommy is pregnant, the breast size will grow because of the mammary gland.

Wearing a bra that fits the size of the breast is very important, not too small or too big. With too small bra size, it will block the development of the mammary gland. If it is too big, then the bra will not support the breasts properly so Mommy may feel uncomfortable and may also painful.

Giving Proper Breastfeeding

After giving birth, Mommy may give a massage on the nipples immediately. According to the study, the massage can be done, but without having to use baby oil or lotion. This could lead to contamination of the breast milk. 

In addition, the breast hygiene is also very important and when taking a shower, Mommy can wash them with warm water but avoid soaping the nipples and areola areas. For other breastfeeding tips, there are some important things that must be considered. 

Before feeding the baby, Mommy should play with the baby first so the atmosphere becomes more relaxed and enjoyable. There are many cases of breastfeeding mothers whose breast milk is not sufficient or the baby often cries during breastfeeding. Giving breastfeeding from both breasts is the best, and always start from the last breast to increase the milk supply.