What are the Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women While Fasting?

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Apa Saja Makanan Sehat Bagi Ibu Hamil Saat Sedang Berpuasa?

Mommy wants to fast despite being pregnant? Naturally, it is permitted, provided that mommy in a healthy state and is able to meet nutrition during fasting. To stay healthy and fulfill the nutritional pregnancy, while having the early breakfast, mommy should eat healthy foods for pregnant women that contain protein such as meat. Because besides containing much animal protein, meat also contains a lot of calories. When mommy is pregnant, mommy will need energy and this energy comes from calories. Meat can also prevent Mommy for being hungry quickly because it contains high protein.

During early breakfast, mommy should avoid taking sugary food or drink because the high sugar content can make the body limp due to insulin shock. The body will use excessive energy and as a result, when fasting mommy will quickly be hungry.

During early breakfast, mommy is also advised to drink plenty of water, instead of tea or other sweet drinks. Do not drinking water at once but slowly and gradually. Use the early breakfast time until the dawn (imsak) to drink. Thus, mommy will avoid dehydration when fasting.

Vitamin C is also important for the early breakfast. To be safe, use natural sources such as fruits. Oranges and apples are the best fruit because both of these fruits contain high dose of vitamin C. To be healthier, eat it without blended or mashed because usually when they are mashed, fruit fiber is reduced quite a lot. Fruit fiber is important because it will help mommy digestion. So, mommy eats foods that are processed perfectly. Mommy will get the energy needs and can fast without a hitch.

Break fasting can be done as usual. Hot and sweet drinks become the primary choice since  hot drinks will increase the work of the stomach. The sweet taste of the drink will also increase blood sugar. As for sweet foods, the best is dates because it can increase blood sugar gradually.

Mommy should break fasting with healthy meals for pregnant women. Small portions of food when breaking and heavy meals after evening prayers are recommended. For these types of food, prioritize complex carbohydrate food, such as brown rice or pasta because it is easy to digest and can make mommy restore energy easily after fasting during the day. For drinks, fruit juice or milk is the best choice to break.


If mommy is experiencing health problems during fasting, mommy should consult a doctor first and asks whether the mommy’s condition for fasting is healthy. By doing so, mommy’s fasting will run smoothly and pregnancy nutritional needs are also completed.