Nutritious Foods for Breastfeeding Mothers

Written by: Redaksi

Makanan Penuh Gizi Untuk Ibu Menyusui

The importance of a balanced and diverse diet is not just a slogan. It cannot be separated from the fact that the body actually needs various kinds of nutrition in order to work optimally. 

For each nutrient, there is an ideal composition. So, eating equally is not always necessary. The quality of food can also affect the amount of nutrition Mommy must get in daily consumption. 

In addition to the cooking method, if the vegetables are cooked for too long, the vitamins and nutrients inside may be damaged. Eating unwashed raw vegetables and fruits are also susceptible to stomachache. Especially if the skins of the vegetables and fruits are unpeeled. The pesticides which is likely attached to the skin or the surface of vegetables may go into the body. 

Special Foods

The foods for breastfeeding mothers actually are not really different from the healthy foods for normal condition. Still, there are special conditions that may require additional nutrients.

For Mommy who sometimes feels anemia because of breastfeeding, there is no harm if the Mommy starts consuming spinach, kale, and sweet leaves. These vegetables have high iron content. For example, 100 grams of sweet leaves may contain approximately 2.7 mg of iron and 2.4 mg of calcium.

Although fat may become enemies in certain moment, with the proper selection, there will be good fats that can be consumed while breastfeeding. Olive oil, salmon, avocado and nuts are sources of nutrition which are rich in fats for breastfeeding mothers needed by the body. In addition, low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese are other foods that will help meet the needs of calcium, protein and vitamins. However, Mommy should also limit the consumption of saturated fats that exist on fatty meats, butter and coconut oil.

A variety of fish and seafood have long been regarded as an important part of nutrition for breastfeeding mothers. This is due to the high content of DHA, EPA and Omega 3. Just remember that tuna and sardines in a can should not be used as the main option. Fresh fish will have a better nutritional value. And the last important matter is the water consumption every day. 

Reducing the Risk of Fussy Baby

Although there are almost no restricted foods for breastfeeding mothers, but there are special circumstances which require careful observation. At one point, the baby may be fussy even after getting enough milk.

Similar to the adults, the baby may have problems with a particular food or drink consumed by the mother. Coffee is one type of beverages that should be avoided because of its caffeine content.

So is the chocolate which also has caffeine content in small quantities. Some babies will also be fussy if Mommy enjoys fresh oranges and lemons as sources of vitamin C. As the substitutes, Mommy may choose mango or papaya as alternatives.