Here are 5 taboos for breastfeeding mothers

Written by: Redaksi

Inilah 5 Pantangan Bagi Ibu Menyusui

There are several dietary restrictions for breastfeeding mothers. Most of them are the food or beverages which are unhealthy. The problems for breastfeeding mothers that may arise are lack of breast milk production and unhealthy babies. Therefore, it is important to identify the following information when you're breastfeeding.

1. Alcoholic Drinks

The first is food or beverages containing alcohol. Alcohol has no direct effect on the fetus but has more influence on Mommy's body. Mommy may become ill as the result of alcohol so will not be able to breastfeed. Alcohol may also decrease the breast milk production so that the baby will not get enough food. In addition, alcohol can also damage the liver.

2. Cabbage

Cabbage is also believed unhealthy because this vegetable may lead to bloating. In fact, cabbage contains gas that is not distributed into breast milk. So Mommy herself that will feel the bloating. 

3. Cold Drinks

Cold drinks are also restricted to some breastfeeding mothers. This may affect Mommy’s health. If Mommy catches cold or cough, the breastfeeding activity will not be comfortable, right?

4. Caffeine

How about caffeine? Caffeine may only give a bad impact when consumed excessively. The baby may also have sleeping difficulties if Mommy consumes too much coffee. 

5. Spicy Food

Spicy food may not be a problem since the taste of the breast milk will turn to spicy. Spicy food is restricted because it may impair Mommy’s health, e.g. diarrhea. If Mommy suffers from diarrhea, Mommy cannot provide breastfeeding and the baby will be starving. 

Basically, there are no restrictions for breastfeeding mothers. The most important thing is eat a balanced diet so that the baby can get the nutrition needed for the growth and development.