Breastfeeding Storage Tips for the Breastfeeding Career Women

Written by: Redaksi

Tanda yang Ditunjukkan Bayi Cukup ASI dan Ketika Lapar

For Mommy who is also a career woman, Mommy may try to do the following breastfeeding tips. Mommy is certainly confused regarding the suitable place to store the breast milk, while Mommy has a tight schedule with a lot of activities. It has been an instinct for mothers that want to breastfeed their babies no matter how busy they are at work.  

Therefore, Mommy may try to store the breast milk in the special freezer. This kind of freezer for breast milk storage functions to store the breast milk for a long period of time. So, when Mommy is not at home, the baby still can consume the breast milk from this freezer.  

The steps to store breast milk in the freezer are also simple. Mommy only needs to prepare a hygienic container that will be used to store the milk. One thing to remember is not storing food or any other food ingredients other than breast milk in this freezer. Why? Because the breast milk quality stored in this freezer might get affected even reduced. The breastfeeding Mommy surely does not want her baby become ill because the breast milk is contaminated by other ingredients, right? 

Another tips, Mommy may give the label stating the day and time Mommy pumped the breast milk so the breast milk is well-maintained when another person is giving the breast milk to the baby.