Best Milk for Breastfeeding Mothers

Written by: Redaksi

Kandungan Susu untuk Ibu Menyusui agar ASI Berkualitas

Choosing the proper milk for breastfeeding mothers is essential, therefore, Mommy needs to be really selective in choosing the milk. There are various brands that may contain some ingredients which cause allergies. As a result, Mommy will feel uncomfortable. 

In addition, the milk which contains harmful ingredients will surely affect Mommy’s health. When choosing the proper milk for breastfeeding mothers, ensure that Mommy consider certain ingredients necessary included in that milk. 

The first is a protein. Protein content in milk is very important to provide a source of energy for the mother. In addition, protein is also very important to accelerate reproduction of breast milk so the production will not be less than the amount needed by the baby. 

Another ingredient to be concerned available in the milk is folic acid. This nutrition is highly important to be included in milk for breastfeeding mothers. Why? This is surely because breastfeeding mothers needs to complete the nutritional content in the breast milk they are producing. 

Folic acid may become a nutrient highly important for the development of the baby. Therefore, do not hesitate to drink milk containing folic acid. 

Besides, other materials that must be available in the milk for breastfeeding mothers are AA and DHA. These ingredients may be quite familiar to Mommy. Yes, the contents of AA and DHA are essential for consumption so that the baby’s brain will be bright. 

Dr. Jackman, one of the US medical experts says that drinking proper milk for breastfeeding mothers will increase the breast milk quality they are producing. Mommy needs to frequently consume this kind of milk which contains certain vitamins and minerals needed for the body. Thus, the nutrition for Mommy and her baby will be completed properly.