Benefits and How to Initiate Early Breastfeeding (IMD)

Written by: Redaksi

Manfaat dan Cara Melakukan Inisiasi Menyusui Dini (IMD)

Most Mommy is now aware of the importance of breastfeeding in order to meet the nutritional needs of the baby. What is now also increasingly popular is the early initiation of breastfeeding (IMD).

IMD is one of the government programs that is often campaigned to Mommies. As the name suggests, IMD will let the baby get the stimulation in order to find Mommy’s nipple to start breastfeeding.

The objective is to provide the nutrition for the baby without any delay. Errors in delaying breastfeeding will result in the development of the baby later. This article will discuss the specific benefits of the IMD.

Benefits of IMD

The first benefit of the program is to train baby’s to find Mommy’s nipple to latch on. In addition to train the baby’s motor skills, Mommy will know that IMD can improve the emotional bonding with the Mommy. can know that the IMD can make more babies have a bond is with his Mommy.

The second benefit of the IMD is to relieve the stress for babies. The main reason why the IMD can reduce stress for babies is because they will be able to feel the warmth of Mommy’s skin which can provide the effect of relaxing. Therefore, Mommy may see that the baby will be quiet during the IMD program. 

The next benefit of IMD for babies is to obtain immunity from bacteria. The main reason that the babies can gain better immune is because when licking the nipple of the breast in order to find his Mommy, he would not deliberately ingest bacteria that stick to the skin.

This is certainly going to make the baby's immune system increased as it has got the bacteria prior to ward off other bacteria from the outside. In addition, the baby will get colostrums intake to increase the antibodies that would be more immune to the problems of gastrointestinal infection and help the growth of the gut.

The IMD program will help the baby to get quality exclusive breastfeeding where he will be able to undergo the breastfeeding period longer than other babies who did not undergo IMD.

Meanwhile, the benefits of IMD for Mommy are being able to avoid hormonal problems and issues after giving birth. Therefore, the awareness of the IMD must be understood by Mommies to provide benefits not only for the baby but also for the Mommy. 

If Mommy wants to obtain more information regarding the IMD and the procedures of the IMD, Mommy can surely find the information on the internet, especially about the breastfeeding tips.