Facts about the Baby’s Umbilical Cord

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Inilah yang Harus Ibu Ketahui Tentang Tali Pusat Bayi

Taking care of a newborn baby is not easy, especially for Mommy who recently gave birth to the first child. There are various fears and worries in Mommy’s mind. Instead of bathing, Mommy is still hesitant of holding the baby. 

Relax, Mommy is not alone. Many Mommies experience the same thing after the birth of the first child. Even until a few months after the baby is born, some of them still rely on the assistance from the parents or other caregivers to take care of their babies. 

One of the most complicated things to do is taking care of the umbilical cord. Most Mommies must have felt scared when having to clean the baby's umbilical cord. Like other organs which came out of the belly, baby's umbilical cord becomes very vulnerable object. Mommy is reluctant to hold it even to clean it with alcohol or warm water.

Prioritizing Health

Does Mommy know that the cleanliness of baby’s umbilical cord is an important thing to do. Baby's umbilical cord is the remaining pieces of the placenta as the baby's main food source. The umbilical cord will fall off by itself after a few days the baby is born, which is approximately 5-21 days after the baby is born in the world.

If Mommy does not understand the importance of caring for the baby's umbilical cord, there is a possibility that the child will be exposed to the infection. It is frightening, isn’t it? 

Here are some things about the importance of caring for the baby's umbilical cord properly:

Baby's umbilical cord is a prominent part of the baby center. It is a remaining piece that connects the baby with the placenta as a source of food. Like the baby's body in general, this part is also sensitive and susceptible to bacteria. To that end, the umbilical cord should be cleaned with a clean during baby shower in the morning and the afternoon. 

Don’t let the baby's umbilical cord dirty and humid. Because, if the baby's umbilical cord becomes wet, it will make so many bacteria and germs thrive in it. Infection will easily occur.

If the baby's umbilical cord is exposed to urine or feces, then the bacterial attack will easily occur. So, it is important for the Mommy not to let the cord exposed to urine and feces. 

The characteristics of Infection

Here are some symptoms indicating the presence of infection in the baby's umbilical cord:

Baby's umbilical cord produces white color fluid or blood. 

Baby's umbilical cord produces certain unpleasant aroma.

The baby is fussy and will cry if the cord gets touched by hands. 

If Mommy finds the symptoms mentioned above, bring the baby as soon as possible to the nearest pediatrician to get immediate care.