Maintaining Attractive Breasts during Breastfeeding

Written by: Redaksi

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For women, keeping up the body shape becomes one of the important things to consider. With a well-maintained body, the women will surely feel more confident. However, for Mommies, sometimes keeping the beauty of the body is a tough thing to do or becomes quite a dilemma, especially during breastfeeding period. Mommy needs to seek for information regarding how to get back into shape after giving birth. 

Maintaining the beauty of the breast can be a difficult thing to do. Nevertheless, it does not mean Mommy has to sacrifice one of them. Mommy can still carry out the obligations, namely breastfeeding the baby and also has a beautiful breast shape by trying some breastfeeding tips in this article. Thus, even though Mommy provides breastfeeding regularly for the baby, Mommy doesn’t need to feel doubtful and afraid of breasts’ shape problem. 

Choosing the Proper Sports

Women have a nature to give birth and breastfeed. Of course, it is also becoming an important phase for the baby in order to obtain the required nutrition. However, as a woman, Mommy would also have concerns about the shape of the breast that may worsen due to the breastfeeding process, right?

Here are some breastfeeding tips that can be practiced to maintain the beauty of the breast shape. One way is to exercise after giving birth. In addition to breastfeeding frequently, Mommy also needs to do a little exercise on a regular basis. Appropriate exercise for Mommy in order to maintain the beauty and the firmness of the breast is a sport that can strengthen and tighten the muscles of the chest.

One type of exercise that is appropriate is by using dumble. No need too heavy dumble, with one to two kilograms for each dumble. Use it to practice every day. Then, in addition, the easy way is to put both palms in front of chest, then cups the palms, then both palms are pressing one another several times. Perform this exercise regularly every day.

Routine Treatment

In addition to breastfeeding tips with above exercises, Mommy can also keep the beauty of the breasts by giving regular treatment. No need to spend time in the salon, because Mommy can do at home every day. Some treatments that can be done are massaging the breasts and also applying masks.

The massage can be done regularly. In addition to having the benefits of breast shaping, the massage can help to increase breast milk production. To massage the breast area, we can use a massage cream, olive oil, and so forth. In addition, do not forget to apply a special mask for breasts twice a week. Masks can be easily bought in the supermarkets or cosmetics shops.