Maintaining the Quality of Breast Milk While Fasting

Written by: Redaksi

Menjaga Kualitas ASI Saat Sedang Berpuasa

Maintaining the quality of breast milk for breastfeeding mothers is very important, especially if the mother is undergoing fasting. Here are some tips for breastfeeding mothers which are delivered directly by Dr. Sutopo, one of the renowned medical experts who deal with problems for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

At first, Dr. Sutopo suggests that mothers in breastfeeding conditions should not be fasting beforehand because it is may reduce the intake and the quality of their milk. In addition, the condition of the body that is less fit will also trigger breast milk not in proper flow. However, mothers who are breastfeeding are allowed to fast if they are able to do so.

Therefore, foods that should be consumed by breastfeeding mothers at the time of iftar and early breakfast time should contain healthy substances.

Wheat bread is very good to be eaten at the beginning of iftar. By eating whole wheat bread, then the need for folic acid which is necessary for mommy will be increased. Mommy no longer needs to worry because the wheat bread is high in iron. Later, this iron will be able to maintain the balance of mommy’s stamina. There are so many benefits of whole grain bread for breastfeeding mothers.

In addition to whole wheat bread, good food for iftar needs to contain green vegetables. It will be able to provide calcium, folic acid, and vitamins needed by mommy.

It would be nice if mommy also eat fruits at the time of breaking the fast or early breakfast. Fruit is recommended to be consumed by mommy is blueberries. Regular consumption of blueberries can make mommy’s body become healthy. Mommy’s blueberry consumption can be completed by juice or eaten directly.

Do not forget to add nuts on the menu. For vegetarian mommy, this food is probably the right choice because they contain non-animal protein which is good for mommy.

Those are some tips on choosing foods that are good for breastfeeding mothers in the month of fasting in order to maintain the quality of the milk. We hope it is useful.