Breast Milk Pumping Tips at the Office for Working Mothers

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Memerah ASI di Kantor untuk Ibu Bekerja

Breast Milk is the best food that can be given to the baby. Breast milk contains nutrients and vitamins that are needed by the baby. At the moment, there are many Mommies who do not have time to breastfeed the babies, but by using the breast pump and pumping the breast milk at work.  

Comfort and Cleanliness

In order to pump the breast milk at work, there are tips that can be used. The first is to choose the proper pumping location. If the office has a nursing room or an empty room, then Mommy can use it. Make sure there is no one there so Mommy will feel comfortable pumping the breast milk in that room. 

Use a high-speed milk pump so that Mommy’s working time is not wasted too much. Before pumping, make sure Mommy tells the colleagues where she is. 

If the office has its own refrigerator in the nursing room, Mommy can use it to store the breast milk after being pumped. However, make sure that the bottles used to store breast milk is hygienic, clean and sealed, as suggested by the breastfeeding tips. 

Don’t forget, after pumping and storing it in the bottle, label it with the time and date of the pumping.  This is to maintain the quality of milk and the expiration of the milk. 

If the office does not have a special refrigerator, Mommy can bring her own portable cooler from home to store the breast milk that has already been pumped. Preferably, Mommy pumps the breast milk every 2 or 3 hours to boost the milk production.

In addition, the working clothes must be appropriate and may facilitate Mommy to pump the breast milk. Shirts with buttons on the front or chest are perfect, so that mommy could open the shirts and pump easily without having to make Mommy’s clothes rumpled.

So, when getting back to work, Mommy still looks neat and beautiful. The support of office colleagues is also very important. With their support, especially when there are also some colleagues who are also breastfeeding and pumping the breast milk, Mommy can do it more easily. 

Breast Milk Delivery Services

The breast milk that has already been pumped should be given to the baby as soon as possible. However, if Mommy needs to work until the evening, then this will be a problem. 

Fortunately, now there are many breast milk delivery services that Mommy could use. These services will help deliver Mommy’s breast milk from work to Mommy’s house to be consumed by the baby at home. 

Thus, the baby will always get the best food they need and it is important for the growth and nutritional needs of the baby.