Breastfeeding Issues That Need Immediate Attention

Written by: Redaksi

Masalah Ibu Menyusui yang Harus Segera Diatasi

Childbirth, having a baby, and also breastfeeding, are natural things for a woman. For Mommy, a baby is surely everything. Mommy must be willing to do and sacrifice anything in order to meet the needs of the baby. One of them is to give the baby breast milk from birth until the age of two years.

Breastfeeding becomes a little complicated and time-consuming, but for the baby, Mommy will gladly provide that. However, Mommy often feels so many disturbing problems for the breastfeeding mothers. Of course it is quite disturbing, because breastfeeding is basically an important process for the baby. The nutrients contained in breast milk are required by the baby, to form antibodies as the baby’s immune system until the baby grows up. 

In addition, breastfeeding can improve the bond between Mommy and the baby. For that reason, Mommy wouldn’t want to ignore the multiple benefits of breastfeeding for the baby. Nevertheless the variety of problems that arise during the breastfeeding period is very disturbing. Naturally, Mommy needs to immediately address such diverse problems as soon as possible so that the breastfeeding process wouldn’t make Mommy worried and anxious anymore. 

Diverse Breastfeeding Problems

Breastfeeding problems are often experienced by Mommy. Those problems are often disturbing and also make Mommy feel worried. One of the problems of breastfeeding mothers is the inadequate supply of breast milk or even no supply of breast milk. 

The problems become quite crucial issue because breast milk is a staple food for newly born babies. These problems should be quickly dealt with, if possible, Mommy can also avoid this problem since the fetus is still in the womb.

Another problem that often arises is related to the shape of Mommy’s nipple which complicates the process of breastfeeding. This makes the baby difficult to find Mommy’s nipple and suckle it. Feeling weak and also health problems are also experienced by Mommy during breastfeeding period. 

In addition to the breastfeeding problems, of course Mommies often experience problems that can make breastfeeding become complicated and worrying, namely the changing shape of the breast becomes saggy, and less beautiful. Stretch marks also become frequent problems. 

Breast Milk Solutions

Those problems often become disturbing thing for Mommies during breastfeeding period. For the inadequate amount of breast milk or no production at all, the sweet leaves become the solution. Consuming the sweet leaves regularly every day, if possible, consume the leaves since pregnancy to support the breast milk supply. Sweet leaves can be created into certain soups like other vegetables. If Mommy is having problem with this, Mommy can replace it with sweet leave supplement in the form of caplets or capsules. 

Then, the next breastfeeding problem is the weak feeling and immune deficiencies of the mothers which can be handled with the consumption of vitamins and also special milk for breastfeeding mothers. In addition, three liters of drinking water a day can be a powerful way to handle them. For the beauty of breasts during breastfeeding period, regular massage and also the use of a mask may be a solution to maintain their beauty.