Selectively Choose the Breast Milk Storage

Written by: Redaksi

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Having a baby is surely a desirable thing to all Mommies. However, having a child will also require great responsibility, especially to ensure that the baby will always be healthy and grow well.

One of the most important things is to provide the breast milk for the baby. But Mommy needs to know that the breastfeeding process is not always direct. At the moment, the breast milk storage is widely known after the milking process. 

The breast milk storage aims to postpone giving milk to the baby without the hassles of giving direct breastfeeding, especially when the Mommy works outside home. 

In storing the breast milk, there are many things to consider. 

  • Selecting the Storage Container

The most important reason to pay attention to the milk storage container is to ensure that the quality of the stored breast milk does not degrade and can damage the health of the baby.

First tip that Mommy has to know in selecting the milk storage container is by paying attention of to the hygiene of the bottle. Normally, the glass bottle with a rubber cap is preferable. 

Selecting the proper bottle is by ensuring that the bottle is not contaminated or contained harmful substances, especially carcinogens. Carcinogens are generally present in plastic bottles which will make the baby at risk of impaired health. Make sure to select the bottle which is easy to clean and reusable. 

The next idea or tip to store the breast milk that should be considered while selecting the breast milk container is regarding the temperature. Mommy can adjust the temperature in advance depending to the need. The point is if Mommy needs to store breast milk for a long time, Mommy can store the breast milk in the refrigerator.

If Mommy stores the breast milk in the refrigerator, Mommy can maintain the quality of the breast milk for three days. However, if Mommy wants to store it longer, Mommy can store the bottled breast milk in the freezer which can last for a month. 

  • Presentation of the Breast Milk

In addition to considering the breast milk storage, Mommies should also pay attention to the proper way of presenting the milk after it is stored. After being stored in the refrigerator, of course, the milk cannot be directly given to the babies. 

What Mommy has to do is warming the breast milk contained in the bottle. Make sure to wait for the breast milk to melt before it is given to the baby. The next concern is that Mommy must not give the remaining breast milk in the bottle for the next use. 

Mommy should discard the remaining breast milk in the bottle and immediately wash the bottle in order to be reused. Always pay attention to hygiene factors and read other breastfeeding tips.