How to Maintain Emotional Well-being While Breastfeeding

Written by: Redaksi

Penting Jaga Emosi Saat Menyusui Bayi

Mommy, how are the preparations before the birth of the baby? It would surely be nice to do all the preparations, starting from clothes until the sleeping equipment. 

Another important thing is preparing the nutrition intake for the baby. Don’t forget, the baby needs the best food intake as to support the growth. Breast milk is the best intake that Mommy can give. By providing breastfeeding means that Mommy has fulfilled the rights of the baby. 

Not many Mommy know the importance of breastfeeding and how to provide breastfeeding to the baby. The lack of experience and lack of knowledge becomes a major factor in this regard. Here are the tips for breastfeeding mothers to learn and put into practice after the baby is born into the world.

Breast Milk Fulfillment

A baby needs major nutrients that greatly affect their growth and development. There are three groups of needs, namely the need for physical-biomedical (foster), the need for affection / emotion (compassion) and the need for stimulation / exercise (teaser).

Remarkably, only with breast milk, Mommy can meet all the three needs for the child. Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months becomes a sort of obligation for mothers (except for mothers who cannot breastfeed due to illness). The exclusive breastfeeding would be much better if continued to be 2 years. When the baby is more than 6 months, Mommy can give breast milk and complementary foods for breast milk.

Not only providing the nutritional needs, breast milk also able to provide a strong emotional connection between Mommy and the baby. Giving milk to the baby will give a sense of security and comfort. The baby may feel the warmth in the arms of mother, enjoy every gentle touch of the mother and of course the love relationship between mother and baby will be closer, even when the child no longer needs breast milk.

Therefore, keeping the emotional condition of the mother during breastfeeding is very important. Not just the lack of milk production, the child is also able to feel the emotion or stress felt by the mother so that they become restless and agitated.

Breastfeeding Tips

For starters, Mommy needs to know the frequency of breastfeeding. Basically, breastfed babies will consume the milk every 2-3 hours, but of course Mommy can breastfeed the baby as often as possible. To that end, Mommy must always maintain the health and diet of breast milk supply so smoothly, by having the nutritious foods regularly.

Mommy doesn’t need to calculate the duration of breastfeeding because it will be determined by the baby according to the need of breast milk. After the baby is finished feeding on one breast, Mommy can hold the baby up and make the baby to burp. If the baby is still hungry, the baby may suckle the other breast.

Another important thing is the proper and correct breastfeeding position. Position the baby and mother with comfort, leaning back for the mother while the baby is lying on his side facing the mother. Mommy can stimulate the baby to suckle the nipple by pressing on the baby’s lips. 

There are some recommended positions in order to get the best both for Mommy and the baby, which is the side position where Mommy can lie on the side. While resting the body, Mommy can provide breastfeeding without feeling pain after C-section. Or Mommy can try cross-arm position or under-arm position. The most important thing is to put Mommy and the baby in the most comfortable position.