Tips for Choosing Milk for Breastfeeding Mothers

Written by: Redaksi

Panduan Memilih Susu untuk Ibu Menyusui yang Tepat

When choosing the best foods for babies, breast milk is the best choice. However, if Mommy wants the baby get all the nutrition, vitamins and mineral from the breast milk, then Mommy also must get the complete nutrition for breastfeeding mothers. One of the ways is by consuming special milk for breastfeeding mothers. 

Nutrition Content

In choosing the proper milk from breastfeeding mothers, the first thing that Mommy needs to consider is the fat content. Most Mommies wants their bodies back to original size as before giving birth. By choosing low-fat milk, Mommy’s effort to be slim and healthy will be easier. 

In fact, fat is needed for the energy sources, particularly for breastfeeding Mommy that requires a great deal of energy. However, Mommy can get good fats from fish or vegetables.

Next is calcium content. Basically, the special milk is consumed to produce the breast milk containing high calcium, which is needed by the baby for the bone growth.

Therefore, consuming milk for breastfeeding mothers containing high calcium content will be beneficial in order to produce the high quality breast milk, rich in nutrients. 

In addition, Mommy can also get see the additional contents in the milk that Mommy will consume. Additional contents such as katuk leaf (sweet leaf) extract or dates extracts is very useful to facilitate the production of breast milk. So the baby will always get the amount of milk as needed every day; moreover, the baby will also get all the nutrients from the breast milk. 

Milk Type

For further tips on breastfeeding mothers to produce quality breast milk, the milk type to be consumed is also important. Most special milk for breastfeeding mothers is in the form of cow’s milk. This milk is considered to have complete nutrition, vitamins, and minerals required by breastfeeding mothers. 

However, if Mommy or the baby is allergic to cow's milk, Mommy cannot consume this milk type. In addition to affecting Mommy’s allergic body, the breast milk produced will also cause certain allergies to the baby. 

To replace the cow’s milk, Mommy can buy goat’s milk, which has similar nutrition content to the cow’s milk. If this milk also causes allergies to Mommy, it can be replaced with the soy milk. 

The nutrients in soy milk are not as rich as in cow's milk. However, Mommy can complete the nutrition, vitamins and minerals intake from other foods. Generally, milk for breastfeeding mothers is just complementary. The most important thing is that Mommy also needs to consume healthy foods, which are rich in nutrient contents so that the breast milk production will be of the best quality.