Tips for Pumping Breast Milk for Baby's Complete Nutrition

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Memompa ASI untuk Nutrisi Lengkap Bayi Kapan Saja

For adults, there are many kinds of foods containing a variety of nutrients needed by the body. However, for infants, breast milk is the best choice because there are many vitamins and nutrition needed by the baby. 

However, the problem is Mommy doesn’t have special time to breastfeed the baby. We can solve this problem by pumping the breast milk and store it. 

Prioritizing on the Security and Comfort 

To pump breast milk, there are some tips that Mommy can use. The first tips is to use a good pump. To choose a good pump, Mommy should find out that the pump is well acknowledged and guaranteed by medical association. Thus, the breast milk pump is safe to use and does not endanger Mommy’s health.

In addition to having certification and recognized by medical association, Mommy also needs to choose the correct size of the breast milk pump. The size here corresponds to the size of your breasts, so that Mommy is comfortable when using it and also the size of the pump.

When Mommy often travels, Mommy can choose a small pump that is easy to carry. Make sure that the material of the breast pump is safe, which is a plastic material that is easy to clean and heat resistance, called PV (polyvinyl). 

After selecting the right pump, Mommy can begin pumping breast milk. For this, Mommy also needs to consider several things. The first is while doing the breast pumping, make sure that Mommy is relaxed. Stressful mind may affect the Mommy’s body, in this case, the ability to produce breast milk.

For more comfort, Mommy can use the breast pump with compress feature which is easy to clean. The room where Mommy is doing breast milk pumping should also be comfortable. Make sure that the seating arrangement and the lighting may give Mommy a feeling of peace and comfort.

By pumping as much as possible, Mommy's body can also produce breast milk properly and within sufficient amount. Before Mommy starts to pump, make sure Mommy is in a clean state by taking a shower beforehand and washing hands thoroughly. 

Also, don’t forget to eat nutritious foods so that the breast milk will contain a lot of nutrition. In addition, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Don’t consume certain medicine while breastfeeding or consult a doctor before taking the medicine. 

Storing the Breast Milk

After pumping, the breast milk can also be stored for use any other time. To store breast milk, Mommy can use a sterile airtight container and store the container in the freezer. This can make the milk last up to 3 weeks or more.

To use the breast milk from the freezer, take the milk out and warm it according to the room temperature, then the baby can drink the milk. Make sure that the baby will drink it completely at one time so that the nutrition contained in the milk is obtained completely by the baby.