List of Medicines that are Safe to Consume During Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Jenis Obat-Obatan yang Aman untuk Ibu Hamil

Pregnancy is a happy thing for a married couple. This of course would be the trigger for a young couple to get married and have a baby. But when undergoing a phase of pregnancy, there are many complaints which may be experienced by pregnant women.

Disturbing Pregnancy Symptoms

Lumbago and back pain are often complained by pregnant women. It is reasonable especially when gestational age is getting bigger in which the mother will bear a heavy burden due to the age of the baby is getting bigger.

Fatigue is a subsequent complaint experienced by the mother. Especially in the third trimester, the expectant mother must often take a rest, of course. There are many more complaints of the mother like nausea, insomnia, leg cramps, morning sickness, and so forth.

Is using drugs can be selected by pregnant Mommy to address these complaints?

Drug Solutions

If we observed, of course, many people have complaints during pregnancy, especially with regard to health. One of the most disturbing complaints is headache.

Mommy needs to know about what is the most suitable drug for headache during pregnancy. The safest choice of drug to be consumed for headache during pregnancy is paracetamol.

There are several medications that should be avoided when Mommy wants to handle the headache during pregnancy. These drugs are codeine, aspirin, and ibuprofen. The reason is because it can damage Mommy’s health conditions. Actually the alternative ways to overcome dizziness in pregnancy period in the natural way is regular walking, resting, and also massage the neck.

The next complaint experienced by pregnant women is related to the stomach and digestive conditions, namely diarrhea. The most significant health problem for pregnant women is because they have to go to the toilet frequently. To overcome this, there are many people who use diarrhea drugs which are sold in the market. But not everyone knows which one is most suitable to use.

The drug that should be avoided in addressing the problems of diarrhea is kaolin. This drug creates fetal breathing becomes impaired. Then what is the most suitable drug for use? Of course, the choice must be a remedy for pregnant women who do not cause side effects either to the baby or to the mother. Rehydration salts may be an option.

The next most common complaint about being pregnant is about asthma. Mommy needs to know that asthma will not only harm the mother but also the baby. To cope with asthma, Mommy has to use a drug that is safe for consumption. Drugs that can be used is Gamat Jelly.

The thing to remember is to consult the obstetrician or midwife to ensure the safety of these drugs before taking them. It is important to avoid undesirable things during pregnancy