Natural Breast Milk Boosters for Breastfeeding

Written by: Redaksi

Pelancar ASI Alami untuk Ibu Menyusui Selain Obat

Breast Milk is the most appropriate food for babies, because it contains almost all the nutrients the babies need. All of these nutrients are derived from foods that Mommy eats. Therefore, quality breast milk is closely related with how to choose the foods to be consumed by Mommy. 

Proper Food Consumption

One of the breastfeeding tips to get quality breast milk is choosing the right foods. There are so many types of foods that can be consumed during breastfeeding period. 

The first is salmon. This fish has all sorts of nutrients and vitamins needed by Mommy and the baby. Besides, the DHA content, a substance that supports the baby's brain growth and intelligence is contained in this kind of fish.

Next is the low-fat milk. Milk is essential since it contains vitamins B and D, as well as protein and calcium, which are important for formation of bones and muscles. 

Fruits and vegetables are also very important to produce quality breast milk. The samples of these foods oranges, as source of Vitamin C which can boost the immune system of infants, nuts, especially dark colored nuts, mainly as sources of iron and protein, spinach and broccoli, as sources of Vitamin A and iron, and many more.

Breastfeeding is also considered as strenuous activities for Mommy. Therefore, consuming foods that can provide additional energy for Mommy is highly recommended. One of them is the lean beef. Beef will give Mommy iron and Vitamin B-12 which can help Mommy recover the energy and produce quality breast milk. 

In addition, Mommy can also consume whole grain cereals for breakfast. Aside from being a source of energy to start the day, these foods also contain a lot of fiber which are good for Mommy’s digestive system. 

Sufficient Fluid Intake

In addition to foods mentioned above, don’t forget to drink enough water. Perhaps, the need for water intake during breastfeeding period will increase because while producing the breast milk, Mommy releases a lot of water from the body. 

Thus, If Mommy lacks drinking water in a day, Mommy may become dehydrated, which is not only harmful for the body but also for the baby. In this case, the water consumed is in the form of drinking water. 

However, if Mommy gets bored, try to consume other beverages, such as fruit juice or lactating milk. Don’t consume beverages containing caffeine or alcohol. These substances may pass to the breast milk, and when consumed by the baby, he will not be able to digest it and it will accumulate in the body that will eventually create many health problems. 

Thus, knowing breastfeeding tips to produce quality breast milk by selecting nutritious foods mentioned above, the baby will get all the nutrition and grow up healthily.