Causes and How to Treat Sore Nipples When Breastfeeding

Written by: Redaksi

Penyebab dan Cara Mengatasi Puting Lecet Saat Menyusu

Breastfeeding the baby is an obligation so that the baby consumes the breast milk. However, this activity may bring a very irritating problem, such as nipple blisters. 

Tracing the Cause

There are many causes of nipple blisters during breastfeeding. The first is a shallow suction. Usually mommy could find its mark by looking at Mommy’s nipples after breastfeeding.

If there are scars on the center line of the nipple, the pain that Mommy is experiencing is caused by shallow suction, which is normally caused by improper breastfeeding position. 

Additionally, nipple blisters can also be caused by incorrect use of breast pump. Many breastfeeding tips have suggested that the chosen pump size needs to be really fit. Nipple blister occurs because the size of the breast pump is too small or not in the proper position. Another possible cause is when adjusting the pumping level, Mommy sets it too high. 

Babies who are exposed to trush infection or a kind of mouth ulcer can spread it to the nipple. Mommy’s nipple will feel sore and itchy when contaminated by this disease. 

The condition of too short tongue membrane or frenulum or commonly called the tongue tied also causes babies to use their teeth to suck the milk. This can hurt Mommy’s nipple. Moreover, this situation can also affect the baby's ability to speak. Babies will usually lisp if this problem is not handled immediately.

In addition, blisters and sore nipples can also be caused by Mommy’s illness. When Mommy suffers from Milk bleb or skin layers on the nipple, herpes and vasospasm or muscle constriction, then the blisters and sore nipples may occur. 

How to Prevent and Overcome Nipple Blisters

The first is to improve baby’s breastfeeding position. With the correct and proper position, the baby will be easier to consume the milk straight from Mommy’s nipple and Mommy will not experience any problems.

For the problematic condition of baby's tongue or Mommy’s illness, Mommy should check it and consult a doctor. For tongue tied problem, the doctor will usually cut the baby’s frenulum a little. This method does not hurt and can be applied quickly.

For an illness that Mommy is suffering, the doctor will give a specific medicine. However, Mommy should not directly breastfeed the baby since Mommy may pass the disease to the baby. If Mommy needs to take some medicine, it should be done 2 hours prior to breastfeeding. 

To relieve the pain due to sore nipples, Mommy can rub the nipples with the breast milk and left them for a moment. The breast milk has certain antibiotics that may ease the pain. When the baby bites the nipple, then Mommy can gently remove it by pressing the baby's chin down or insert Mommy’s finger into the baby's mouth so the baby may release the biting.